Health and Beauty - Joomla Templates

Health and Beauty - Joomla Templates

A selection of templates for joomla on health and beauty. Qualitative templates for joomla from popular studios with which you can easily create a site beauty salon or fitness club.

  • VT Agriculture - joomla template


    Studio VTEM presented to the user a pleasant and easy template VT Agriculture , could represent economic resource and garden themes. The template has five stylistic variations of design and has an instant download, and nice bright colors allow the resource to win all users. The first template VT Agriculture for a small resource focused on the user experience on the site webmaster and a spectacular quality perception of all information. Three-column layout structure can be easily changed from the admin panel by type Body + Right, Left + Body, Wapper (the main content block on the whole width of the template).

  • OT Venus - joomla template


    OT Venus - stylish layout for sites on medicine and health from the company OmegaTheme. Layout is best suited for sites wellness centers, beauty salons, SPA and business projects. In the header layout, you can easily put the contact information of the company. OT Venus operates on Solid Framework, its membership includes 10 modular positions. The template code is optimized, it is also compatible with all the most popular browsers. Significantly extends the capabilities and potential of the template extension K2.

  • OT Orthodontis - joomla template


    OmegaTheme studio in the last month in 2010 was released the next layout, called OT Orthodontis , with a broad range of features and satisfying most users Joomla. Work is based on the framework, the layout Solid Framework. OT Orthodontis designed for medical sites for dental offices or clinics. Layout has good download speeds and is compatible with all browsers, smartphones and tablets. Template is designed for Joomla 2.5x.

  • JXTC Ethos - joomla template

    JXTC Ethosjoomla_15joomla_25joomla_30

    JXTC Ethos - comes with a new template themeMagic platform and system management styles TI provides full control style template (adjustment arrangement of the modules, the size, font color, width-preset styles to your personal style). Template addition comes with seven predefined styles and has excellent annotated file style.css. To create a social portal or news site is ideal for a colorful pattern from the studio JoomlaXTC.

  • JXTC EcoSpa - joomla template

    JXTC EcoSpajoomla_15joomla_25joomla_30

    JXTC EcoSpa - elegant template for sites women's issues from the studio JoomlaXTC, are best suited to create a resource of health centers and beauty salons. This template has several predefined styles, full compatibility with K2 components, 32 module positions, as well as expanding CCNewsletter, RSMonials, JComments. Provides studio update XTC Framework platform full access to the settings of each parameter layout, whereby it is possible to give a unique resource and a unique look.