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Bonusthemes - Joomla Templates

Joomla templates Bonusthemes - this new generation templates that will make your site more functional and attractive. The assembly contains the latest versions of templates for joomla 2.5 and joomla 3.0


BT Promote - another stylish joomla template for business subjects from the company BonusThemes. Design pattern is executed in dark colors, has trehkolonchaty layout and a plurality of modular products that can create Projects of any complexity. Support VirtueMart component will create on the site functional online store. And the presence of built-in slide menu allows you to submit materials SMenu site in an unusual and enjoyable form. The template has optimized code that gives him a quick boot in all popular browsers. BT Promote - the ideal choice for creating high-quality and efficient site.


BT Solidarity - a popular template for joomla 2.5 of professional studio BonusThemes. A high-quality design template will create a website for educational institutions, charity website or any other project. Layout template is made ​​in three columns and has many positions to accommodate modules. There is a choice of displaying articles in a blog. And support for VirtueMart component will create quality online store any products. Template perfectly optimized and has instant download pages that will create a website of any complexity.


BT Yes - quality joomla template for developers to explore BonusThemes. Design pattern is executed in strict dark colors, has 23 positions to accommodate modules. Supports drop-down, multi-level menu CMenu, as well as a new component photo gallery Photo Spot, with built-in flash effects. For proper operation of the component gallery also need to install the plug Photo Spot Flash, which is in the archive. The template uses the latest web technology and animation effects that will create presentation website or a website portfolio.


BT Delicious - themed, bright template for joomla 2.5 from the team of web developers BonusThemes. Design pattern in bright and colorful flowers, has trehkolonchaty layout and a plurality of modular products. The built-in, a functional menu with support for e-commerce component VirtueMart provides unlimited possibilities when creating the site. The template can choose from standard materials in a stylish joomla blog marked with the date. BT Delicious template can easily be applied to e-commerce site or any other information or festive site.

BT EzHostjoomla_15joomla_25joomla_30

BT EzHost  - a simple, streamlined, very bright template created for representation in the Internet. His scheme is designed to provide web services, but an experienced webmaster to easily customize it to your needs. BT EzHost uses two new modules suitable for use on all types of sites. This module "Support Panel", displays a pop-up panel when you move the mouse cursor over a particular area and the module "STabs" - displays information on the tabs and use animation when showing tabs. BT EzHost has a 3-column layout, a lot of positions for modules with built-in menu VirtueMart 1.1, a choice of display type of articles.