Bonusthemes - Joomla Templates

Bonusthemes - Joomla Templates

Joomla templates Bonusthemes - this new generation templates that will make your site more functional and attractive. The assembly contains the latest versions of templates for joomla 2.5 and joomla 3.0

BT Corezjoomla_15joomla_25joomla_30

Template BT Corez designed for webmasters, those who need to present a high-tech content. It is equipped with source code that creates a smooth enthusiasm. Also designed with rich contrast that creates an intense user experience.

BT Landscapejoomla_15

BT Landscape - Landscape pattern, inspired by the environment. He is projected on a technology that uses layers. This gives emu excellence in the creation of transparent surfaces that blend with adjustable graphics. There are actually four templates, one for each season. From a technological point of view, BT Landscape introduces two new technologies ...