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Functional joomla templates from popular web developers BowThemes . Quality templates that will make your site more functional and efficient.


High quality template BT Game is designed to organize gaming websites to Joomla 3.x and 2.5x, a young studio created BowThemes. With the help of excellent performance design, complemented by beautiful slider content template allows you to create a functional Internet resource with reviews of new products the gaming industry. The most comfortable and quick work with website content to ensure the inclusion of the assembly template powerful component K2. Template BT Game is based on multi-T3 framework version 3 provides a good optimization and flexible adjustment of the resource. Plus, the template contains 20 design styles and 6 color schemes, has adaptive function, good optimization and is compatible with all web browsers.


BT Real Estate - multifunctional template to create a real estate agency with support for Joomla 2.5, created by designers from BowThemes. In this template includes 6 color profiles, integrated, adaptive design and accessible control panel that will allow enough flexibility to customize the look of the layout. The package also included the installation template best expansion designed to increase the potential and functionality created the portal for the sale and lease of real estate. BT Real Estate perfectly optimized for search engines, is designed to work on all mobile devices and all versions of browsers and different speed of loading pages.


BT Restaurant - great template adapted for websites owners of restaurants and cafes that want to present your menu in the most favorable light and attract new visitors. Has a built-in component K2. Typography Template stylized vintage fonts. Developers BT Restaurant, while creating reviewed the most popular brands that produce food and beverages, had a fairly large-scale study to create a truly useful template.


BT Shopping - an excellent template for your internet - shop if you are using Joomla ver. 2.5 Developed by design BowThemes. Work on this template is based on the component JoomShopping (online commerce). This component affects the provision of a fully-fledged shop for sale of all types of products through your website. Sleek and stylish look of this pattern looks very modern. In order to give more originality to any site provides six built-in color schemes. The composition of the assembly is completed by popular club extensions that provide flexibility and convenience when displaying information on the site.


BT Metro - template created for CMS Joomla 3.x developed design studio BowThemes. The basis of the design was the theme of Windows 8, the latest operating system from Microsoft. When you install the template will automatically be branded studio unit BT Content Showcase, allowing you to apply different effects to the elements on the page. For convenient and easy management of website content in a template has been integrated component K2. Template BT Metro is undoubtedly suitable for creating presentation sites, advertising various products on the Internet. It is worth noting that the sites created using this template correctly displayed in all popular web browsers and tablet devices and mobile various types.