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BowThemes - Joomla Templates

Functional joomla templates from popular web developers BowThemes . Quality templates that will make your site more functional and efficient.


BT Mobile App - free, high-quality Joomla template developers BowThemes. From the name of the template is quite obvious that it is undoubtedly suitable for the sale of various mobile and tablet devices as well as software to them. The template has a full responsive design, which is based on the basis of functional platform JAT3 Framework. There are many positions to accommodate all the necessary information. Are also used, such as expansion of the studio BT Facebook Like Box, BT Login Module, BT Content Slider, BT Google Maps. BT Mobile App this template will undoubtedly be able to organize your business on the Internet, and corporate website or personal website portfolio.


BT News - suitable template for news portals, magazines or news or informational pages. Built BT Content Showcase and comfortable, business design template will help easily create a layout that's perfect for a page with a constant dynamic flow of information and news.


BT E-commerce will help you quickly and safely sell their goods. Will provide a new and already proven system Virtuemart. The developer, the company Bowtheme added to your project convenient navigation menu in the form of drop-down list (cmenu). Pink tone to ensuring that your visit to the site, and many customizable modules will place more information. Template code is well optimized, people can easily find your website in various search engines, in addition, it will look great on the OS "Android" and «IOS».


BT Travel - another template tourism subjects. Its developers were employees of the design studio BowThemes. The main advantage of this pattern is its versatility. This is evident in its ability to connect to the developed site, various extensions ranging forum on the basis of Kunena and ending with the powerful component JomSocial, designed specifically for social networks. All this allows you to create with the help of BT Travel sites completely different subjects and content. Template based on the platform of T3 Framework V2 and meets all modern requirements of site building. Sites based on the work of the template BT Travel, displayed on all mobile and tablet devices and work correctly in all popular browsers.


Little-known design studio BowThemes released a modern business template BT Corporate for Joomla 2.5. Nice design template is made ​​in delicate, bright colors, includes six integrated color themes of design templates that can be easily configured using the convenient management console. For the functioning of the template BT Corporate creators has been applied effective framework T3 Framework 2, which provides him with continuous operation and maintenance of all mobile platforms. This product includes 4 types of menus and includes an adaptive modular system for comfortable positioning of all elements of a web page. The structure of the assembly including the best club extensions that allow significantly increase the functionality of the project.