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Functional joomla templates from popular web developers BowThemes . Quality templates that will make your site more functional and efficient.


Template BT Photography was designed for photographers and their websites. Is the creator of the template's design team BowThemes. Website pages are designed in dark colors, but the developer can select another favorite of the six styles available to him. Home Site includes modern-looking slider, representing the work of photographers or other images, depending on the developer's site. Also complements the picture of the presence of component K2, the control site materials. Template-based platform is T3 Framework 2. This sites created with BT Photography are displayed correctly on any mobile devices.


BT Folio - template designed by the designers studio BowThemes for CMS Joomla versions 2.5x. The main direction of development of this template - website with the placement of different photos, pictures, post your own portfolio. In a template built 6 color themes that will allow the user to create a beautiful and user-friendly website. Styles and themes can be changed from the admin site. Template runs on T3 Framework v2. For ease of handling and placement of materials it is built component K2. The template is useful for creating websites, presentations and websites portfolio.


Bowtheme decided not to stop there and has developed another "store" template - BT Variety - based K2 STORE. Five ways to customize (themes) and convenient editing manager will allow to customize the appearance, at its discretion, to make it high quality and suitable for the demonstration users. As with previous templates to support your own photos as background. T3 Framework 2 makes it possible to see your website on any mobile device or tablet, load the site and its contents will, in general, serve as a platform for the template. Four types of menus, support for popular font, and it's not all the pros and BT Variety T3 Framework!


BT Arise - chic, but today a little-known business template from the design studio BowThemes. This template contains 5 topics for decoration, all different colors. The template is fully suitable for combination with the component K2. Ideal for designing and creating websites cards. In this pattern lies a modern and functional platform T3 Framework second version, with which guarantee fast loading and high functionality.