Miscellaneous - Joomla Templates

Miscellaneous - Joomla Templates

Many qualitative joomla templates are not included not one suitable template category.

  • YT Steam - joomla template


    YT Steam - another layout with a memorable design, developed by studio design YooTheme. The template is based on the basis of the latest technologies, including HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery working on scenarios JavaScript. The original and effective design layout is ideal for the development of sites cards. Additional functionality is added through the full support of the studio and the latest expansion Widgetkit platform Warp 6. This mnogofunktsianalnost will be appreciated by users of the site. The structure of the template built 8 different color styles, 4 modular style and 13 different fonts.

  • YT Radiance - joomla template


    YT Radiance - elegant template with a stunning design team developed YooTheme. Layout is suitable for creating websites whatever subject and complexity, due to the fact that the development of template was used powerful platform Warp6, modern web technologies including HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery script-based JavaScript, as well as a huge choice of colors. In the assembly includes additional layout styles for a known set of tools WidgetKit, which can at times improve the appearance of the site.

  • TF Aeon - joomla template


    TF Aeon - modern template for Joomla 2.5x issued trading platform ThemeForest. This layout presents orange, blue, red, pink and green color scheme, three and a half dozen of modular products. It fully meets all the latest requirements. A good website will create a third-party extensions and component K2, as well as flexible design modules. Special functionality and performance of the site and provide an Ajax SSS3. Unique and stylish design is sure to impress users.

  • Hot Vortex - joomla template


    Hot Vortex - designed for corporate websites theme, perfect for creating a small website, portfolio. The exterior design is made ​​in bright colors. Suitable for Joomla 2.5x versions, 3.x. The creators of the team HotJoomla invested in it four flexible version of the color scheme, 25 module positions, as well as corporate slider Hot Spinner, designed for high-quality display the contents of a website that will give an incomparable advantage of the announcement of the news and pictures. And of course, flexible change settings in the admin panel.

  • HOT Boutique - joomla template


    If you want to shop online with a maximum interest, then you just need to develop talented designers HotJoomla. HOT Boutique - this style. Quality, easy speed control and installation, attractive design, and all the colors - at your disposal. In the layout already includes HOT Image Gallery, HOT Joomla Carousel and HOT Joomla Gallery, which speaks about the future bright, dynamic images of your photographs in good quality. Optimized code files that will fast loading site. Template from the creators HotJoomla running CMS Joomla 1.5x and 2.5x is ideal for developing websites with the theme of beauty and health, and any other topics.