Miscellaneous - Joomla Templates

Miscellaneous - Joomla Templates

Many qualitative joomla templates are not included not one suitable template category.

  • IT Paparazzi - joomla template

    IT Paparazzijoomla_15joomla_25

    IT Paparazzi - a universal template for CMS Joomla. Studio developer IceTheme awarded the project a unique design that stands out for its beauty. The template has a nice appearance and is not fixated on one subject, that is ideal for creating a wide variety of sites. As with all templates IceTheme, IT Paparazzi has a high download speed, functional framework club and a lot of different supplements to optimize its design. For the convenience of placing the necessary elements on the site, developers installed flexible partitioning module that supports multiple modular styles. IT Paparazzi very popular because of its comfort and versatility.

  • JB Newstream - joomla template

    JB Newstreamjoomla_15joomla_25

    One of the known patterns are extremely popular - it JB Newstream . From its name you can understand the basic category of websites for him - this information sites. JoomlaBamboo studio to work on improving the compatibility of the template, and is now compatible with the latest version of CMS Joomla 2.5x. Access to the settings made ​​using the standard framework Zen Grid. In the settings include the ability to edit and module positions, which number more than 50, and the ability to edit the color scheme of the product. Number of integrated design options does not exceed 13.

  • GK Gomuproject - joomla template

    GK GomuProjectjoomla_15

    You will have the most original online business card template with GK GomuProject , created specifically for this Polish studio GavickPro. Quality design layout, crafted by professional designers in the details, made ​​in dark colors. Its fast performance and great potential opportunities provided by the framework studio Gavern, and the pages perfectly scaled to any size screen up to mobile browsers. Package contains best club additions, giving a flexible information display and visual form. GK GomuProject perfectly suited for developing an information portal for the person or entity.

  • GK Cuttingedge - joomla template

    GK Cutting-Edgejoomla_15

    GK CuttingEdge for CMS Joomla - one more modern general-purpose template from the studio GavickPro. Dark tone design layout gives it an elegant and austere appearance. Preset design options allow for a few minutes to create a professional website on any subject. The modular layout that supports several modular styles, and built-in studio extensions allow users to present in visual form on the site all the necessary information. Convenient control materials are available to the site administrator, thanks to the integration of the popular component K2.

  • GK Essence - joomla template

    GK Essencejoomla_15

    The best advantage of the latest Internet technologies collected in the template GK Essence of Blog , the developers design company GavickPro, which are renowned for their professionalism. The template can display up to three columns on the site. It supports library MooTools, which brings impressive effects sliding interface (on the login module, for example). Typographic styles template perfectly styled and decorated units with built-in classes suffixes. Template GK Essence of Blog is perfect not only for creating web-blog, but other sites for any purpose.