Miscellaneous - Joomla Templates

Miscellaneous - Joomla Templates

Many qualitative joomla templates are not included not one suitable template category.

  • HOT Churchly - joomla template


    HOT Churchly - it represented a universal template developers of HotJoomla (design studio), which supports versions of Joomla, as 2.5x and 3.0x. The template has a lightweight design, which includes three color themes containing different images for the background. This template is designed in such a having multifunctionality framework, as Sparky Framework, allowing at the layout, not only to make the change each of the parameters, but also to locate on the site optimally all the elements to create modular new positions. Also, to increase opportunities in the template, including all the necessary extensions. Added to the template to the contents of the site had the opportunity to work flexible content management so popular manager as K2.

  • VT MobyApp - joomla template


    VT MobyApp - cool template for Joomla third version of the well-known design team Vtem. Interesting design MobyApp contains four color schemes. This will create quality sites or a small portfolio, which will be organized and accessible visual presentation products. Of the main advantages of the template you need to note the presence of adaptive features that provide support for all modern mobile devices, and can optimize template for promotion in search engines. There is support for content management K2. This will add an additional MobyApp set of features and functions that are used in the publication and posting content on the blog pages.

  • TF Magnus - joomla template


    Qualitative pattern TF Magnus . Suitable for Joomla 2.5x version with a large variety of functions. Created TF Magnus platform Gantry. TF Magnus includes the highest-quality and useful solutions. With these extensions, you can create an online - any subject project. In the assembly includes universal expansion K2 Widgetkit, RokSprocket. They provide an easy and convenient management of content on the internet - project. Just in TF Magnus has built-in support forum. The Forum was established on the basis of components Kunena, which includes the theme, which will be fully consistent with the overall design of Internet - project. Design layout has ten different color schemes, there are more than eighty positions and much more.

  • RT Hexeris - joomla template


    RT Hexeris , a new template for web - projects. Works RT Hexeris running CMS Joomla versions 2.5x or 3.x Template RT Hexeris presented design studio RocketTheme. There are eight presets display appearance. As a result, RT Hexeris perfect for creating online - any subject project. It presents a new style, designed to expand RokSprocket, which fully corresponds to the design layout. Mounted Gantry Framework is the basic feature set. If you want to create a modern and professional design for your web - project, then this template is for you.

  • JB Motion - joomla template


    Another beautiful pattern - JB Motion - seems developers JoomlaBamboo. It fully supports the latest version of CMS Joomla and contains 9 color schemes, as well as functions that the effect of Parallax implement dynamic change background images. Special optimization, full access to the parameters of the layout, fast speed and sympathetic function template gives the use of T3 Framework. The template contains a proprietary design studio - Zentools - is responsible for the flexible display of images and information on the site. Developers same integrated component K2 and added support for functional mega menu template, in order to increase the chances of a template.