Furniture Interior - Joomla Templates

Furniture Interior - Joomla Templates

Stylish and bright furniture templates for joomla themes. Pretty interesting templates for joomla from reputed web sites topic studios for which the furniture and interior.

  • JSN Decor - joomla template


    JSN Decor - designed by little-known designers, web studio JoomlaShine template that is suitable for sites of any subject. You can use it as a blog to write about his musical, literary preferences, or plunge into the world news - publish a fresh and objective information "without bias." Your thoughts just will not go unnoticed due to search engine optimization (SEO) - it will make your offspring popular. Depending on what plan you want to do a website, there are three styles: business style, a blog, a news style. The project supports 14 languages.

  • Yt Furniture - joomla template


    Do you want to sell furniture, but do not know how to express themselves in a market where so many competitors? One way - create an online store and untwist it. But in some cases you will not necessarily do that - Furniture Yt perfectly optimized for search engines, make your project a popular - is an elegant pattern, made ​​in orange color, but if you want it easy to change the coloring on the blue or green. Sharpened by the sale of furniture and accessories. Platform is Yt FrameWork, it provides "shustrost" progruzki and lauded me optimization. Virtuemart template support, and one of the most popular components - K2, as well as a large field of activity - module positions and styles.

  • TF InsightFX - joomla template


    TF InsightFX - multifunctional furniture template themes for Joomla 3.1x, from well-known developers ThemeForest. Lovely design template made ​​bright - bright colors, comes with three color schemes that easily edited using the integrated template manager. Through the use of a flexible platform Gantry Framework is likely to make a web site of any difficulties and texture. In the installation package includes support foreign expansion, significantly multiplies the potential and ability of the template. TF InsightFX unmatched optimized adaptive characteristics and is fully supported by all browsers and mobile platforms.

  • JM Exclusive Furniture - joomla template


    JM Exclusive Furniture - this is an excellent template designed furniture theme for Joomla 2.5. He released a team of specialists Joomla Monster. Its design is modern, he worked efficiently, including in the three color schemes. It is a functional component of the DJ-MediaTools, with which you can create online image galleries and excellent slideshow. In addition to the image output, it will carry out demonstration video belonging to popular services Vimeo, Youtube. In the assembly template will include a component known directory DJ-Catalog. With this template, you can organize a detailed catalog of all furniture products.

  • OT HomeEco - joomla template


    Online shop now is no surprise, but preference is given to steadily continue them! How to grab the sympathy ratings site? One way - using a unique pattern in the example, take OT HomeEco - template of professionals from OmegaTheme. Looks stylish and sophisticated, meets all modern standards and displaying information. With it, and, of course, with native support for Virtuemart, you can organize a "cute" and functional online store. Provide optimization and download speed of content intended Solid Framework, and the task it copes quite well.