Games - Joomla Templates

Games - Joomla Templates

Professional joomla templates from known developers play themes. If your site is linked to games, these templates for you.

  • TX Extreme - joomla template


    Computer games today are developing rapidly and successfully. Naturally, they attract more and more people. Is that why became popular gamer sites? So of course! Any addictive than any man needs the support of others like it. So, if we decide to create such a portal that will prompt a couple of templates that will help realize your idea! TX Extreme from the studio ThemeXpert - a pattern that is based on Joomla, you will help to create a convenient site for visitors, a community for fans of the game. Support five unique styles, the latest programming languages: CSS3 and HTML5. Is not difficult to make a website or a dark lighter, and set any image as a background.

  • JA Mitius - joomla template

    milderjoomla_25joomla 30

    Another "game" template - JA Mitius by JoomlArt. This team has performed an elegant and customizable design with the support of the four themes. There is the possibility of changing the wallpaper and setup your own image. It is based on its own platform JAT3 V3, which makes it convenient to visit the pages with phones and tablet devices, adapting to their screens. Supplemented template content sliders: modern "chips" for interesting and intricate supply information to visitors of the site. Additional options for publishing blog will provide you with a built-in component K2. JA Mitius - the perfect choice for creating high-quality, functional game portal with lots of unique information.

  • Leo Game - joomla template

    leo gamejoomla_25

    Leo Game - this template is certainly a good choice for creating the site play themes, Developed by LeoTheme with support for Joomla 2.5x. It is made ​​in a dark style, has an original design and flexibility. Its design has 4 color schemes established in the form of a dark blue, dark red, dark green and dark orange. Using the functionality of the platform from the T3 Framework, allows you to create fast loading e-pages, optimize the functionality of the site to support a variety of portable and mobile devices. Use in a template component K2 and support subsidiary of styles will allow more efficiently manage site content.

  • JS Fiction - joomla template


    JS Fiction - one of the templates play themes, created by developers JoomShaper in dark colors, is provided for use with Joomla 2.5x. Design template looks impressive. Developer provides a template in 3 subjects, such as blue, green, red. Switching is possible in the admin panel. This template has included not only the original error pages, but pages service messages. Also, the template contains thirteen module positions and block layout layout made ​​by all criteria. The developer was written optimized code files. Here he has included support for all browsers and mobile devices.

  • HOT Gaming Zone - joomla template

    gaming zonejoomla_25joomla_30

    HOT Gaming Zone - a new template play themes, released for Joomla 2.5x developers famous team HotJoomla. The excellent design of this template, which contains four color defines the appearance of the layout will give the opportunity to create a beautiful and at the same time a quality site with modern standards of the site. As part with the template are some of the best at this time modules: Hot Joomla Gallery, Hot Responsive Slideshow and Hot Joomla Carousel PRO. With these modules provide universal information display on the site. When publishing includes new challenges and opportunities thanks to the popularity component K2.