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Good selection of Joomla templates from the studio HotJoomla . Large selection of templates with different themes to your taste will help to create a site of any complexity and subject matter.


HOT Academy - a functional, an educational theme template that developers have submitted such a popular team like HotJoomla. This layout, the development of which was made ​​in bright colors and a lightweight design, a 4 color schemes concluded that it is possible to edit using a specially built for this manager. The development of this template was carried out on the framework Sparky, where used for the work the most advanced web standards. In addition to the template, thanks to the internal manager is very flexible, you can configure any, in a single element of it. There is the ability to customize color styles, fonts, layout module positions, the width of the template header size, and more.


HOT Bokeh - a simple and fast website template business card submitted by the developers of this popular team like HotJoomla for these types of sites that work on CMS Joomla versions 3.1x and 2.5x. Template design includes a 10 preset options, but it is also possible due to the use of such corporate Sparky Framework application framework to create your own favorite looks. In the template, the main feature is that it can support widescreen monitors, as well as the layout display, thanks to the adaptive design on any screen more correctly. To the content on the site demonstrated more clearly, were included in the installation package ...

music bandjoomla_25joomla_30

HOT Music Band - submitted by developers HotJoomla with responsive design and stylish in appearance pattern remarkably suitable for those who wish to create a site of musical group. Due to the presence in the template unusual presenting information, listening to music online is achieved, a clear demonstration of graphic files, booking, show the most important events and much more. Due to the fact that the pattern is applied such proprietary platform as Sparky Framework, achieved a special functionality and flexibility. All are available in the template are 4 types of color schemes that can be easily configured using the built-in special manager.


HOT Clinic - is submitted by developers for sites HotJoomla easy template medical subjects, which supports the latest version of CMS Joomla. To create a professional and high-quality website is available in the template for this all the necessary tools. Pattern has a stylish design, which concluded a three color schemes, typography original styles. Through the use of the studio platform, a platform Sparky Framework, the entire system is achieved overall optimization, support for all browsers and mobile platforms, as well as adaptive functions. To increase functionality, have been added in the template components AcyMailing gained popularity and K2.


HOT Churchly - it represented a universal template developers of HotJoomla (design studio), which supports versions of Joomla, as 2.5x and 3.0x. The template has a lightweight design, which includes three color themes containing different images for the background. This template is designed in such a having multifunctionality framework, as Sparky Framework, allowing at the layout, not only to make the change each of the parameters, but also to locate on the site optimally all the elements to create modular new positions. Also, to increase opportunities in the template, including all the necessary extensions. Added to the template to the contents of the site had the opportunity to work flexible content management so popular manager as K2.