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Good selection of Joomla templates from the studio HotJoomla . Large selection of templates with different themes to your taste will help to create a site of any complexity and subject matter.

food spiritjoomla_25joomla_30

Successful premiere of template-odnostranichnika «HOT One Page», inspired the creators, design studio «Hot Joomla», a new job. Was soon presented a similar pattern " HOT Food Spirit ". From previous work it features complicate the design and the presence of a variety of backgrounds. Despite the fact that single-pattern, it is comprised of various sections. For the convenience of users has been developed sufficiently user-friendly design, with which it is possible to create an unusual site - business card. Also included in the template, modern module «Hot Film Tape», designed to create visual art galleries and great plugin «Hot Photo Gallery».

one pagejoomla_25joomla_30

A one-page template " HOT Page One ", featuring high-speed downloading, providing users with the team« Hot Joomla ». Features high-speed downloads. This is achieved in an unusual location, the device information. Through the use of the latest platforms «Sparky Framework», in the template, there are ample opportunities. Convenient built-in menu allows quite easy to navigate website. As a result, it is possible to do without scrolling. This pattern looks quite modern and technologically, perfectly suited for creating unique websites cards.

gaming zonejoomla_25joomla_30

HOT Gaming Zone - a new template play themes, released for Joomla 2.5x developers famous team HotJoomla. The excellent design of this template, which contains four color defines the appearance of the layout will give the opportunity to create a beautiful and at the same time a quality site with modern standards of the site. As part with the template are some of the best at this time modules: Hot Joomla Gallery, Hot Responsive Slideshow and Hot Joomla Carousel PRO. With these modules provide universal information display on the site. When publishing includes new challenges and opportunities thanks to the popularity component K2.


HOT Cinema - a unique pattern design studio from HotJoomla. The template is designed for a movie theme, which is perfect for this type of sites. Template impregnated easy but at the same time, a unique and elegant design. 5 preset styles, the choice of which you can see the site completely in an elegant way. Since this template aimed at cinema theme developers are 2 unique modules that provide information in an adaptive and comfortable way: Hot Full Carousel and Hot Film Tape. Rate the download speed and the design itself may webmaster using the demo. Developers have full support for mobile systems and browsers.


Template Hot Wedding was designed by studio HotJoomla. Its main task - to facilitate the creation of sites devoted to various holidays. Developers presented a choice of three different styles of pages, and they can also choose the color design of these styles. The template is equipped with component K2, provides an easy and convenient content management. Animation menu is made ​​based on jQuery and is represented by ten different versions. In the assembly of the package included such expansion club: HOT Lightbox Images Gallery, as well as HOT Slideshow Module. The pattern can be displayed correctly in all known browsers.