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HotJoomla - Joomla Templates

Good selection of Joomla templates from the studio HotJoomla . Large selection of templates with different themes to your taste will help to create a site of any complexity and subject matter.


HOT Responsive - new stylish, attractive pattern of professional team HotJoomla for Joomla version 2.5x. The template takes into account the size of any screen and can easily correct it shows. The structure of this template includes components K2 and jQuery Masonry plug-in, which serve as placement flexibility and correctness of all the materials of the site. Developers provided a function template dynamic display material. The template is the ideal solution for designers of sites, involving work with various photo and video attachments. And, importantly, HOT Responsive ideal for site developers who plan to place movies online.


HOT Sailing - a unique new pattern that experts carried out in the pleasant style. Making devoted to marine or leisure travel. New product is available in three color schemes, each of which allows you to customize the color and design of the module includes 24 customizable positions. You can easily and comfortably accommodate a maximum any information to your site visitors. The structure includes an extension called Hot Lightbox and Hot Joomla Gallery, provides a flexible display pictures on the pages of your site. The structure also includes optimized technology SEO code file, which has a positive effect on the progress of the project in different search engines.


Hot Wine - themed template for joomla from specialists HotJoomla. Use it to easily create a business card or portfolio. The template is available in three color themes that are easy to change settings using special tools in the administration panel. Template accommodates three dozen module positions and the possibility of setting column widths and positions. Developers added studio expansion Joomla Gallery, Carousel Pro. Built three skins, advanced typography, and many other features.


HOT Blankie - versatile and elegant pattern of talented studio HotJoomla. Template operates on the basis of a new advanced Sparky Framework. Specialists have done everything to be multifunctional platform. HTML5 semantic markup, support for mobile devices such as work, fast loading pages and more. In HOT Blankie off background images, as the purpose of development - is the creation of its author's design of the website.


HOT Business - elegant and modern layout. It is ideally designed for HotJoomla design company websites such as business, corporate business cards and other business sites. The structure of the template has five color options of your site, more than thirty module positions. Setting allows you to change the template as you want. Function is enabled to support mobile devices. For style and unique display of various materials on the website of the club includes modules: Hot Carousel PRO and Hot Gallery. With HOT Business Your page will be a great presentation for your business partners.