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HotJoomla - Joomla Templates

Good selection of Joomla templates from the studio HotJoomla . Large selection of templates with different themes to your taste will help to create a site of any complexity and subject matter.


HOT Hotel - Joomla template to create sites of hotels or hotels. Modern and colorful design is expressed in four, easily changeable in color, themes. Template versatile. Thanks to the developers, a huge number of module positions allow you to fine-tune the design of your site. Excellent record expansion HotJoomla: Hot Maps, Hot Effects Rotator, Hot Weather, Hot Photo Gallery, Hot Gallery will allow fulfill your requirements.


HOT Model Agency is fully developed on the table-less imposition using CSS3 styles in an elegant and beautiful style from the developers templates HotJoomla. Panel control has a modular design that allows you to edit any design elements. It consists of component K2 and its complement. Extensions Hot Photo Gallery plugin and Hot Effects Rotator, will help you in creating your individual presentation. Template is maintainable code layout, which means that your website loading will occur at maximum speed. Site based HOT Model Agency will be something special.


Hot Flashes - one of the most stylish and unusual patterns presented designers HotJoomla. The creators decided to combine the menu layout with slide show pictures. Template fully supports mobile devices of any type. Among the distinctive features can be identified mainly five original order of 12 modular design settings, optimized code files available commenting. The assembly includes the best popular extensions New Flashes menu system, Hot Joomla Carousel and Hot Joomla Gallery. Perfectly suitable for the decoration of the book website.


HOT Betting - from the design team of talented developers HotJoomla. A must for the elegant design of the website on the subject of sports and news coverage, sports clubs, and upcoming tournaments and events. In the template includes advanced typography with the ability to add text and various design elements due to inserting ready HTML styles. The set includes four different designs with the possibility of different tinctures, flexible modular design and overall optimization of files, which makes it an incredible download speed information. For a stylish display of digital images in the assembly includes modules Hot Joomla Carousel PRO and Hot Joomla Gallery.


HOT Host - the name speaks for itself, the pattern is designed to create websites with hosting services and rental of servers with the implementation of the possibility of verifying domain names. A high-quality design, optimized code, contributing to the fast loading of your website on any browser. Color design provides five options for digital processing. Has as an adjunct Hot Joomla Carousel PRO, Hot Spinner and Hot Joomla Gallery. The template is flexible, modular layout, which means that will help you plan your blocks on the page as it will be convenient.