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HotJoomla - Joomla Templates

Good selection of Joomla templates from the studio HotJoomla . Large selection of templates with different themes to your taste will help to create a site of any complexity and subject matter.


Template Hot Sparks is very functional and can be successfully used in creating blogs, online magazines, news feeds, as well as the women's portal. Development professionals engaged in this pattern of HotJoomlaTemplates, which indicates its high quality. The structure of the template includes several of their own development studio: Hot Full Carousel, Hot Film Tape, Hot Slicebox, Hot Responsive Lightbox, Hot Maps and Rapid Contact module. With their help, the administrator can create a full-screen slide show, feedback form, to create modular windows, and more. Based on its own template design studio Sparky Framework 2.0. This allows you to adjust the position of modules, color schemes, by the way, in the pattern already established five schemes.


Hot Justice - is a very stylish pattern and is well suited for the creation of resources on legal subjects. It was created by the studio HotJoomlaTemplates and can be used in the creation of business websites. This template is based on the platform of Sparky Framework, which extends the functionality of the future resource. It also has an adaptive design, and hence be correctly displayed on a mobile device. In the integrated pattern of five color schemes and several extensions of its own design: Hot Full Carousel, Hot Film Tape, Hot Slicebox, Hot Responsive Lightbox and Hot Maps. This allows output of adaptive slideshow advantage of Google Maps? Post full-screen videos and much more.


Hot CV is a stylish landing page for CMS Joomla, created by professional studio HotJoomlaTemplates. Guys were able to create a simple and stylish template that is suitable for successfully creating, as advertising companies, and corporate web resources and corporate websites. The kit includes a template ready colors, several development studio from which you can select Hot Responsive Lightbox, Hot Film Tape, Hot Full Carousel, Hot Slicebox, Hot Maps and Hot Bars. The creators made ​​their adaptive template that gives him the opportunity to work well on all types of devices, including iPad and iPhone.


Stylish template Hot Beer is good at creating resources eateries and cafes. Its creation was engaged in studio HotJoomlaTemplates. This template stylized theme of beer and Oktoberfest. Thus, it would be a good choice for web-resources of the organizations in this direction. But just as he may well go for the sites of other subjects, because the layout design easily amenable to correction. When you create a template developers system was used Sparky Framework. With its help, web resource has acquired new features and now all his design elements can be quickly set up using for this special settings manager.


Developers from the studio HotJoomla released their new template HOT Fitness . He is ideal for creating a web resource of sports subjects. The new template is compatible with versions of CMS 2.5 and 3.x. It is specially designed for gyms and fitness centers. But just as it can be successfully used to create other resources on this topic. The template has a bright display messages that advocate a healthy lifestyle. In addition, part of the template includes a blog about training, personal achievements and a healthy lifestyle. Also in HOT Fitness have a page dedicated to all coaches working in the center or hall. On these pages you can find scales with their level of competence in the various sporting disciplines. The structure consists of 3 ready template color schemes.