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Popular Joomla templates from the studio JoomlaPlates . Many beautiful patterns with different themes and designs suitable for creating high-quality and professional web site.


JP Xtra - a simple and versatile template for web-resources business subjects. It can also be used to create a portfolio site and a small website. Its development was engaged professionals from JoomlaPlates. This team is renowned for its quality work and gained a large number of fans who are waiting for the appearance of each of their new work. All its elements are adaptable and work well with any device. The template used SmoothScroll effect, through which your site will have colorful animation effects while scrolling. The template has 5 ready color schemes and several useful components.


Developed by design studio JoomlaPlates JP Scene - is a template that can be used for sites with business topics, news portals and blogs. As a basis for its development was taken Warp7 framework, and this gives him additional benefits and more numerous features. This made ​​it possible to create colored decorations to the options menu, create a theme template in color, as well as specifying the background. Authors studio JoomlaPlates added to the template about 48 module positions, animation effects, was made ​​compatible with the fonts on Google, as well as an opportunity to display any information in the format of an accordion and a slide show.


JP Ultimate was created by the German design studio JoomlaPlates. It consists of a pattern with lots of features. With JP Ultimate can create websites to business issues, portfolio and blogs, as well as sites for the production of business cards. This template has in its composition 7 color schemes of different types, styles and 6 4 background image. All the elements are combined perfectly with each other, which gives a unique opportunity to create new topics. The advantage of a template that all its available options are available, so there is no need to modify the code. To do this, just go to the administration panel and make changes. A template is used LESS technology.


If you need to create a website on the theme of the wedding, you should pay close attention to the template JP Flexible . It also can be used for other subjects. Developers from JoomlaPlates added a lot of features that let you control its design from the administrative section. The kit includes a template 5 by 2 types of menus, 52 module positions, have their own styles. All of these elements can be easily assemble on your own. Template works fine on all mobile devices, and on the main page is colorful slider.


Template JP Hope can be a good choice for creating blogs and websites, business cards. As a platform for him was chosen WRAP 6. All items JP Hope controlled from admin panel and do not require changing the internal code. The structure includes an adaptive template slider located on the main page. It can bring a maximum of 5 images with descriptions and animation. In addition, JP Hope Designer supports K2 content and its theme stylized design template. With the ability to integrate with JP Hope component WidgetKit, the functionality of the engine is significantly expanded. The template has 4 ready color scheme, supported by Google maps.