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JoomlaPlates - Joomla Templates

Popular Joomla templates from the studio JoomlaPlates . Many beautiful patterns with different themes and designs suitable for creating high-quality and professional web site.


Developed by JoomlaPlates template JP Solution is designed to help you create a website on various subjects. It comes with 5 ready color schemes. It is integrated COMPONENT K2, allowing you to create blogs. In addition to the template was added tool WidgetKit, extends the functionality of the template. To create JP Solution used WRAP Framework to easily manage site color schemes. He also lets you add your own themes, change fonts, background images, and other elements of a web resource.


JP Onepage is a colorful free template engine for Joomla 2.5 and 3.x. It has a cool design and is perfect for business sites. This template uses all modern technologies, such as, HTML5, CSS 3, WRAP Framework. For any webmaster JP Onepage can be an excellent choice. Beauty design, high functionality, use the latest technology - all this will help make your site unique and unique.


Template JP Luxury studio JoomlaPlates established in 2014 and is compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.x. It will be a good choice for a business site direction, has a simple, clean and perfect design. In a template built a full-size image slider that users would be comfortable to view the services offered. Slider supports up to 5 images. With the engine interface, you can quickly adjust desired effects and styles. High configurability JP Luxury achieved through the use of it WRAP Framework, HTML 5 and CSS 3. In the integrated pattern popular tool K2, and the kit includes 7 colors.


Template JP Personal is designed in the style of Landing Page. He is ideal to create a small website or a corporate project. Top of the template is SliSlader, easily adapts to different screen resolutions. In a stylized pattern embedded component K2. Through the use of JP Personal WRAP Framework you can effortlessly control the color scheme, fonts, and other elements of the site. Template is able to work on all mobile devices and has a bright animation created with HTML5 and CSS 3. Mobile devices are now gaining more popularity, and because of this you will be able to expand the audience for its visitors.


JP Shop v2 is a good choice for an online store, and is compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.x. It was created by the studio JoomlaPlates and allow you to easily create various goods store. Thanks to the built-in template component VirtueMart, create an online store would be a fairly simple task. It can also come and to create other types of web resources. With the template supplied 4 color schemes. It can work with any mobile device. This template will help make your site recognizable and unique. This is a very important quality for an online store, which appears every day more and more.