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JoomlaPlates - Joomla Templates

Popular Joomla templates from the studio JoomlaPlates . Many beautiful patterns with different themes and designs suitable for creating high-quality and professional web site.


JP Folio - business template created in bright colors under Joomla 2.5. It was developed by a team of professionals designers Joomlaplates. Designed template based on new technologies HTML5, CSS3. Allows you to create professional websites with high quality. Its design is done in bright colors. There is always the possibility for choosing color schemes, it consists of four preset styles. As part of a modular design layout contains nearly 50 positions. They can provide high-quality display of absolutely all the elements. Made it to the pages of the resource. As part of the assembly listed company called rotator Module Slider. It is fully integrated into a well-known component K2. This can empower online.


JP Industry is a stylish template for CMS Joomla 2.5, it is represented by the design studio Joomlaplates. It presented several options for the design, there is a possibility to change the background image. His color schemes, font color and size. All this can be done through a special template manager. Its modular design in itself contains 36 products. They allow you to visually place elements on your website. There is a built-in support for the popular Content Manager for K2 and menu template Moomenu give special functionality. As part of its assembly may include corporate names rotator MooTool Article Slider. That provides a display of the necessary materials, which are displayed at the top of the site.


JP Studio completely new and stylish template for Joomla from the studio of designers Joomlaplates. It has a dark tone and may well be suitable for sites such as portfolio or photo studios. The developers have added here a functional plugin, it can realize online gallery of images required, which may be placed in the materials of the site. To do this, you need to copy the image files in a separate folder, and then specify the detailed path. JP Studio template has a high speed of loading pages. He owns a folding modular design consisting of 37 positions and four different styles template.


JP Bistro - a great template Joomla, culinary topics submitted by developers Joomlaplates. It is suitable for creating websites designed for restaurants, cafes, eateries. Its settings allow to determine the required color scheme for the layout. Is produced by using the tools in template manager. There is a possibility of change in the pattern background color and menu links. For easy display images, the developers was added Rotator Module Slider. He is able to displays all the content on your web pages in a convenient way. This template has a high speed loading pages.


JP Investment - simple business template from known developers Joomlaplates, supports all versions of Joomla, ideal for creating official websites of business entities (firms, companies, and so on. d.). This template has Suckerfish drop-down menu with the option to add multiple levels. In addition, the template contains a slider Artcle Mootools, which provides a stylish site content. Flexible control panel allows you to edit everything visible elements. You can configure the types of the columns, background image, background color, choose one of the three color styles, the width of the side columns, activate the built-in tools SlimBox.