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JoomlaPlates - Joomla Templates

Popular Joomla templates from the studio JoomlaPlates . Many beautiful patterns with different themes and designs suitable for creating high-quality and professional web site.


Joomlaplates -genialnye template designers offer a template JP Lofthouse , on the topic of furniture. It has a very convenient control panel that can edit all the visible parts of the site. It also gives access to configuration items, such as editing and adding a background image on the site, speaker placement papers setting the background color. When using this template, you can install three styles also have the ability to adjust the height and width of the news columns. If you work with this template, the page of the site will be loaded quickly, there is a wide range of tools that will help demonstrate the product, it works with all browsers.


Now you can pay attention to the patterns of sports subjects, so manufacturers Joomlaplates, presented their template JP Football , created on the basis of modern standards of templates. It is universal and suitable for sites of any complexity. It has a friendly interface, easy menus, as well as a huge number of high-quality modules that will accommodate all the important parts of the site. In addition, this template has the ability to display images on the website with the help of effects, this contributes to a special module built into the constructor.


Studio Joomlaplates pleases novelties, she released the original template JP Exquisite , using which the site loads quickly and optimizes the files page. This template supports two styles, it is very easy to use and practical in terms of design. It is easily customizable, so it can be used to create pages of different orientation. It has a beautiful modern design, as well as an extensive modular system. The basis of the template includes a module that allows you to beautifully display images on the page. This template is perfect for creating websites with design projects, as well as sites that important refined appearance.


Team Joomlaplates offers a template, made ​​in bright colors. JP CashCraze , it is so called pattern having excellent navigation, unobtrusive design. In addition, it is designed for the modern Web - standards. Its easy to set up, so it will perfectly fit into corporate sites for multi-level projects. The developers have focused on the presentation, the published material, so the modules are designed to maximize display all that in them is loaded. A template has a multi-level menu, which combined with a wide range of instruments leaves a pleasant impression from its use.


Another pattern furniture theme developers Joomlaplates. It is made ​​in bright colors, so is suitable for sites with antique furniture, and for sites with conventional furniture. Furniture JP , so called template, fine tuned and is suitable for sites of any complexity. It was created by modern Web - standards and includes quickly open the menu display of images with effects. It has the following advantages - high speed download pages, flexible modular design. The template has a mobile version and a standard version that allows you to browse the site and from the tablet. It works with any browser.