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High-quality templates for joomla from young developing web studio JoomlaShine . Professional templates of different themes and designs certainly fit for a website of any complexity.


Free template styles with advanced JSN Glass from the team for the engine JoomlaShine Joomla! 3.2 to create a virtual store, designed specifically for HikaShop, in festive light colors. Clean design, modern flat scheme, adaptive design. The template has more than 15 customizable settings, 6 styles for processing modules, 3 types of menu, the original set of colors and fonts, multiple positions, the ability to change the logo.


JSN Venture - modern, bright design, excellent functionality - the main quality of this template. JSN Venture - a shining example of professional templates for sites that display some events. Design template corresponds to modern trends - flat design, consisting of a large bright blocks of information. Most notable of course is a slider blocks displaying quality photos with transition effects. All the modules that make up the colorful design template will attract visitors' attention from the first minute, especially young people, as it is at this audience and designed this template. The control panel allows you to change the template settings.


JSN Yoyo - a simple one-page website template for Joomla 3.x-current 2.5x, created by designers studio JoomlaShine. Versatile layout template allows the optimum positioning of all elements of the site on a main page. As soon as it will scroll in the browser, each module template in visual and accessible form displays all the information users of the site. The template has 6 built-in styles that will look pretty impressive on any mobile phones and tablets. To augment the functionality of the template in its structure was enabled components Kunena Forum and Content Manager K2. JSN Yoyo - the best option for creating modern odnostanichnikov any subject.


Template JSN Ares to create a website about applications or personal portfolio is compatible with Joomla 3.x-2.5x. Although the configuration in which a lot of the template, they are very easy to configure. This is achieved by using the control panel. Special Framework will make it more intuitive for users. Plus, the user can get instruction and support developers. Administrative panel JSN Ares contains 3 tabs - the first concerns the general settings and template settings tab "Logo" contains settings for the site logo / company, insert links to the site and slogan for it. The tab "Template" allows you to adjust the width of the page.


JoomlaShine is the developers who are developing not only simple templates and templates to address the serious business problems. JSN Gruve looks very solid and perfect for creating a corporate website with a focus on the Internet - commerce, such as the internet - shop. This is the template for professionals and people working brilliantly with this kind of functionality, but it is designed so that change the settings it can even novice. It supports 14 languages, has great graphics, easy to install. It has a sleek design without tables, designed to work with search engines. Site pages load quickly. Its database includes six color schemes, the texts of three styles (news blog, personal blog, business style).