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High-quality templates for joomla from young developing web studio JoomlaShine . Professional templates of different themes and designs certainly fit for a website of any complexity.


JoomlaShine studio designers have developed a site template business cards JSN Metro , visually representing the operating system Windows 8. The original modern layout includes a unique set of visualization tools, contribute to the creation of the site of any style and subject matter. With the help of JSN Metro possible to implement their own social group or online community. This template is easy to set up and use, but other than that loads quickly and simplifies many tasks. Template undoubtedly perfectly displayed on the popular mobile and tablet devices, and in all known browsers.


JSN Solid - a new qualitative template for Joomla 2.5x - 3.x on educational topics from the development team JoomlaShine. Design template made ​​in bright colors and can be changed in the settings of the template, as well as through the source files. Has additional styles for K2 and Kunena components that fit into the template design. The template has a powerful navigation, a plurality of modular products and a huge list of options through the use of studio framework JSN Template Framework. JSN Solid - no doubt an excellent choice for the development of the site of the institution or another site theme.


JSN Cube - template for successful, fashionable and advanced people. Will create an interesting and entertaining project about fashion, clothing, trends, everything youth, or about entertainment for older people in general - the most popular to date theme for the site. Describe the design: background - dark with elegant-looking letters, scrolls continuously selected publications. Flexible and easy to use editor allows positioning information anywhere that will have you on the soul. In addition are different color schemes, styles that help you customize the template. Also supports RTL. Design is made ​​without the use of html-tables, written and optimized for search engines. Technical knowledge to create a site in the CMS Joomla, and so is not required.


Template JSN Sky is perfect for the sites of hotels. This is accompanied by its neat and tidy appearance. Key details template, defining its purpose, is a component of Jomres, intended to reserve rooms and the use of a combination of K2 and Kunena. The above set of options provides advanced functionality of the site, and optimized code pages in combination with non-table modus site design facilitate the work of search services.


JSN Nuru - online store template from the studio SmartAddons. The design is well thought out, perfect for a site about clothes, there are things to which especially attracts attention. First of all, clear content. The second thing is a unique stylish and bright slider with images of models and fashion girls, it is sure to attract the attention of visitors. This is certainly a feature JSN NURU, which makes it different from other projects of the same subjects. Plus, it is designed with the visits to phones and tablets, and looks good on all modern devices. Your site is easy to find on the Internet, thanks to code optimization for search engines.