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High-quality templates for joomla from young developing web studio JoomlaShine . Professional templates of different themes and designs certainly fit for a website of any complexity.


JSN Escape - quality work well-known web-studio JoomlaShine. JSN Escape is an excellent template for CMS Joomla 2.5x - 3.x. in grunge style. Responsive design template designed to the smallest detail and has several color options. Template works on the company's framework, JSN Framework, which makes it incredibly functional. Also present in the layout is incredible menu that will provide convenient travel site visitors. JSN Escape - this template is just the perfect choice to create a functional and stylish Site.


JSN Mico - incredibly high quality Joomla template from popular shablonostroiteley JoomlaShine. Designed in bright warm colors, which certainly suitable for both site and business topics for your blog or site portfolio. The template has a huge image rotator, as well as many other useful modules that significantly increase the functionality of the site. Layout is based on a powerful platform JSN Framework, which enables you to customize the template directly from the admin panel. JSN Mico - highly effective Joomla template that will undoubtedly create a competitive website.


JoomlaShine development team has launched a pretty easy pattern, clean and no frills, but you can customize the site to the required style. He called JSN Air . New developers surprised by its simplicity settings easily design and responsive layout. Using a template JSN Air can create a unique corporate portal, which will be perfect and harmonious look to any modern mobile and tablet gadgets. On a widescreen monitor with high resolution site on the template JSN Air also looks great.


JSN Vintage - another terrific product studio JoomlaShine. Elegant design and ease of handling combined with modern functional template. JSN Vintage been developed for CMS Joomla 3.x and is universal, ie it is suitable for any kind of web site development and maintenance. In the template installer includes installation components K2, Kunena and extension support 14 languages. Site pages divided into 14 module positions and the user a choice of three styles of menu are provided, various types of fonts and color schemes. Source code template is distributed in the clear. Template works correctly on mobile devices and in different browsers.


Template JSN Boot tested in practice, has a modern style and serviceability by Joomla 3. This template includes all the latest software innovations. His unique and special features will not leave indifferent even the skeptics and experienced users of Joomla. Template JSN Boot has a new stylish design, presented without tables. To work with the search engines template features a clean and optimized code. Any user can easily sort out the settings of the function template. In the settings template JSN Boot also has 4 color schemes (red, black, green, blue) and 5 styles for menu design. Structure template JSN Boot includes 37 module positions, which can be easily changed with each other at their discretion.