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High-quality templates for joomla from young developing web studio JoomlaShine . Professional templates of different themes and designs certainly fit for a website of any complexity.


JSN Neon - this is another product of the studio JoomlaShine, intended for developers of sites with music content. Included with the template are 6 different design, different from each other colors. In addition to the core modules such as menus with animation, audio recordings and top lists of the most popular performers, template contains a lot of other, which can be positioned anywhere on the screen due to the presence of more than 50 convenient positions. One of the tangible advantages of the template is its flexibility, which makes it easy to understand him not only for advanced users but also for beginners. Template works correctly in all popular browsers, and its source code is open and is optimized to facilitate the work of search engines.


JSN Kido - this is an excellent template from the company JoomlaShine. It has a stylish and modern design. Of all templates of this company, this is the only one who did not support an outdated version of Joomla 1.5x, ie developers, will greatly enhance the capabilities of this template. You can now use the new versions of Joomla, without relying on the old one. In developing the site, the user can choose from three styles of text, six color schemes, five menu styles. The structure of the template can be changed by the user, also applies to the modules. In addition, it supports fourteen languages ​​and all modern components templates, works with any browsers can switch to the standard version of the mobile.


JSN Decor - designed by little-known designers, web studio JoomlaShine template that is suitable for sites of any subject. You can use it as a blog to write about his musical, literary preferences, or plunge into the world news - publish a fresh and objective information "without bias." Your thoughts just will not go unnoticed due to search engine optimization (SEO) - it will make your offspring popular. Depending on what plan you want to do a website, there are three styles: business style, a blog, a news style. The project supports 14 languages.


JSN Pixel - is a template designed by the design studio staff JoomlaShine. In the seemingly standard markup module positions site lies not only elegant and correct placement of page elements, but enormous functional abilities. Three different text style, six collections of colors, five different menu styles - all this you can adjust by setting the template JSN Pixel. Of course part of it consists of component K2, which allows easy and convenient to manage the content accessible and multi-language support. Using the latest Internet technologies HTML5, CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets) and JavaScript scripting speed up the loading of pages developed using the template JSN Pixel.


Sites of technical innovations, various gadgets can be created with new items JSN Teki . In this pattern perfectly combines excellent functionality and good looks. JSN Teki - is 40 positions for the location of the modules included in the template structure. Creating a site using a template as possible in columnar 2 and 3 in the columnar embodiments. Design solution for JSN Teki consists of 3 menu styles and options to choose from. Excellent opportunities to customize font style and size. 6 color units. Modern beztablichny option template successfully optimized to work with the search engines, there are comments of the developer.