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High-quality templates for joomla from young developing web studio JoomlaShine . Professional templates of different themes and designs certainly fit for a website of any complexity.


JSN Tendo - template for CMS Joomla versions 2.5x, but it is possible to find many interesting things. The main purpose of this template - website with placing them on the photos and pictures. The consequence of this is the large number of different color schemes, fonts, colors and more. For example, 42 module positions, 6 colors, 5 menu styles and different fonts you can create a truly unique site. Website design depends only on how far will your imagination. Template code is optimized and supported by all browsers. Sites that are based on this template are displayed correctly on mobile devices.


JSN Dome - a template that allows you to create elegant websites on any topic. Its development was engaged experts JoomlaShine, making it the most functional. Very conveniently written in the pattern of settings, allowing you to lower the long and careful study of the code, but the visualization of the site completely customize to fit your needs. Despite the brightness of the design, the layout is not full of color and variety of details. The developers have focused on the main part of the pattern: slider, horizontal menu modules. This allows not only interest, but also to keep the viewers attention. Work poi setting template does not cause problems even for inexperienced developers of sites due to flexible template with a choice of 6 color schemes.


JSN Epic - a great template designed specifically for beginners to learn the CMS Joomla! The original and at the same time simple design allows you to create a website of any complexity. To develop the site with this template does not require knowledge of html markup languages ​​or Cascading Style Sheets. The user will be provided with sixteen settings template, and to avoid confusion, the setting will be accompanied by a text pop-up prompts. Novice developer can choose from three menu styles for your future site, and customize style modules, and much more. Internet Projects that are created using a template JSN Epic, multifunctional and are correctly displayed in all browsers.