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Interesting joomla templates from professional studio JoomShaper , to accentuate your website and make it more reliable attractive to your visitors.

financial newsjoomla_25joomla_30

JS Financial News - a unique pattern from the creators of JoomShaper, which is well suited for the formation of the news portal. To pick up an interesting color scheme for a website that is in the process of development, you can use the six unique styles that have this pattern. Constructive program of Framework Helix, comprehensive capacity Bootstrap Twitter, provides the perfect solution to this optimization model podgruzhenny quick and absolute support a variety of tablets. Among the assembly was introduced several important extensions.


JS Extreme - another review of the current template and differ from other platforms presence Helix Framework, was developed by the studio JoomShaper to complete the work in the Joomla 2.5x. This platform (Helix Framework) includes the Twitter Bootstrap, which gives full information display on mobile browsers and has a bright, but kind of adaptive design. Layout template support 6 color schemes. Of course, suitable for creating websites bright style. One of the required modules template should be noted module SP Smart Slider, which gives the administrator a complete set of all functions. The purpose of this module is to organize unusual slide show on the site.


Design studio JoomShaper to your attention a new template with an adaptive design, called JS Edumatics . He has a great set of tools to literally organize their own fully functioning social network. The design involves the use of three different digital circuits, includes more than 65 module positions, thanks to a variety of options which allow to place blocks of content on the site. The structure of the template includes a large number of popular extensions, offering new features and capabilities, one of which is the manager of materials management K2. Pattern displayed correctly on all mobile devices in all browsers.


JS Event - template for Joomla 2.5x, in the style of business template, which is the developer design studio JoomShaper. The purpose of this template is convenient to provide information about any future events, conferences, seminars, all of this is done through the presentation. One of the modules should be noted SP Countdown, the purpose of this module is the countdown to the specified event. This template is very easy and meets all the criteria that are owned modern sites. Developer offers 8 color schemes, support for mobile devices, and the like. Also in the template has the popular support component K2.

news iiijoomla_25joomla_30

JS News 3 - another pattern on a news topic from the studio JoomShaper. This layout is great for sites that are associated with the media. It is compatible with the content manager K2, through which provided a visual display of the material on the site, you need to news sites. With studio module News Show SP2 has been increased functionality of the template. Fashionable and simple design of the site includes six preset color schemes. The main advantages must include a good speed of the site, compatibility template with tablet devices and smartphones, as well as support for all existing types of browsers.