Music - Joomla Templates

Music - Joomla Templates

A selection of professional templates joomla music theme. Using these templates, you can create a functional musical portal site or a musical band.

  • TZ Eventory - joomla template


    TZ Eventory - powerful template for CMS Joomla on the framework, Plazart Framework. Template Eventory be called responsive layout for Joomla, Bootstrap supporting technology. Due to this, your template will automatically be entered in any device screen sizes and will be fully correctly display the contents of a website. Template TZ Eventory also uses the newest version of the extension TZ Potfolio. If you need a template where you can easily display all events? If you want to create a site that would satisfy all your requirements? Eventory - whatever you're looking for! It is suitable for sites activities. Besides, the template can be used for multi-sites.

  • S5 Emusica - joomla template


    S5 Emusica - beautiful portal template released renowned design firm Shape5. This template is constructed, taking into account the latest trends and requirements, responsible for its original and stylish appearance. The structure layout included updated versions of studio extensions, allowing in light and understandable way to display all the content visitors. Great functionality popular Vertex framework allows high precision adjust almost any template parameter. Presence in the assembly of adaptive properties, guarantees full support for tablet and mobile devices adds a huge range of possibilities template. Layout S5 Emusica - the perfect choice for creating a functional portal on any subject.

  • JSN Venture - joomla template


    JSN Venture - modern, bright design, excellent functionality - the main quality of this template. JSN Venture - a shining example of professional templates for sites that display some events. Design template corresponds to modern trends - flat design, consisting of a large bright blocks of information. Most notable of course is a slider blocks displaying quality photos with transition effects. All the modules that make up the colorful design template will attract visitors' attention from the first minute, especially young people, as it is at this audience and designed this template. The control panel allows you to change the template settings.

  • JSN Neon - joomla template


    JSN Neon - this is another product of the studio JoomlaShine, intended for developers of sites with music content. Included with the template are 6 different design, different from each other colors. In addition to the core modules such as menus with animation, audio recordings and top lists of the most popular performers, template contains a lot of other, which can be positioned anywhere on the screen due to the presence of more than 50 convenient positions. One of the tangible advantages of the template is its flexibility, which makes it easy to understand him not only for advanced users but also for beginners. Template works correctly in all popular browsers, and its source code is open and is optimized to facilitate the work of search engines.

  • SJ Singer - joomla template


    SJ Singer - another "musical" pattern. Its developers, SmartAddons, added 4 different types and colors of the template supplied 30 positions for user-selected modules. The template is equipped with a number of extensions based on Yt Framework, which greatly expand the functionality of the created site: Content Slick Slider, News Ajax Tabs, News Extra Slider, Filtering Articles, Module Tabs, Facebook and Twitter. Also a plus is the realization of the template developer support browsing from mobile devices. Template SJ Singer - the perfect choice to create a music theme.