Photo - Joomla Templates

Photo - Joomla Templates

A selection of excellent joomla templates from the famous studio photo subjects. If you created a photo site with lots of photos, you'll need a template.

  • JXTC Retroid - joomla template


    The development team has released another JoomlaXTC template JXTC Retroid , which makes it possible to provide information to users on the site in a very original and stylish form. Unusual appearance and development, taking into account the latest trends of web design trends characterize JXTC Retroid. Implementation of interesting effects on the site allowed the possibility of technology CSS3, used in the template. Quick Setup requirements to the template is possible thanks to "XTC Framework". With the purpose to increase the opportunities in the assembly added excellent studio expansion:, K2, Kunena, K2 Comment Wall, and Socializer Wall, Deluxe News Pro. JXTC Retroid suitable for sites with a completely different subject.

  • JSN Tendo - joomla template


    JSN Tendo - template for CMS Joomla versions 2.5x, but it is possible to find many interesting things. The main purpose of this template - website with placing them on the photos and pictures. The consequence of this is the large number of different color schemes, fonts, colors and more. For example, 42 module positions, 6 colors, 5 menu styles and different fonts you can create a truly unique site. Website design depends only on how far will your imagination. Template code is optimized and supported by all browsers. Sites that are based on this template are displayed correctly on mobile devices.

  • BT Gallery - joomla template


    Template BT Gallery has great visual appeal, it is adapted for business related to photography and graphic art. It includes a variety of functions: media management, system users and attract additional fenteeziyny style interface. The template contains a powerful component BT Media, extremely easy to use, so even being inexperienced webmaster, with it you can create great-looking image galleries and videos.

  • BT Photography - template joomla


    Template BT Photography was designed for photographers and their websites. Is the creator of the template's design team BowThemes. Website pages are designed in dark colors, but the developer can select another favorite of the six styles available to him. Home Site includes modern-looking slider, representing the work of photographers or other images, depending on the developer's site. Also complements the picture of the presence of component K2, the control site materials. Template-based platform is T3 Framework 2. This sites created with BT Photography are displayed correctly on any mobile devices.

  • YT Moreno - joomla template


    YT Moreno - is a professional team of developers YooTheme template from Germany. It supports the most advanced version of CMS Joomla. The stylish design pattern has light and dark design theme, which represent the different color schemes. In the layout elements to think through all the details to the smallest detail, as well as there is a flat design that allows it to quickly gain popularity. Created by the developers of the template is an excellent opportunity to create portfolio sites, to provide a visual presentation of the site's content. A similar pattern has one exclusive feature. It is the presence of a particular module called Mosaic, has a pleasant animated grid layout modules unique sizes corresponding to different resolution screens.