Photo - Joomla Templates

Photo - Joomla Templates

A selection of excellent joomla templates from the famous studio photo subjects. If you created a photo site with lots of photos, you'll need a template.

  • JB Nebula - joomla template


    Template JB Nebula created by a group of designers studio JoomlaBamboo. He has a contemporary design and quality execution of the details of the interface. When you create a template has been used modern platform T3 Framework. Because of this preview site is available on mobile phones and in any browsers. The template allows you to select one of the ten user-friendly themes pages that really convenient. K2 component facilitates the management of materials and outstanding contrast pattern - animated styles based on expansion Zentools. With the help of a template JB Nebula can create any kind of site, whether online business card or portfolio.

  • JB Moments - joomla template


    JB Moments - easy to use template developers studio JoomlaBamboo. This versatile template adapts the device on which the user is viewing the pages and change the width of the page, depending on the screen resolution, freeing the developer site on a number of issues. Pattern appears correctly on all popular mobile and tablet devices, and in all known browsers. In a pattern embedded component K2. simplifies the management of materials and content. In conjunction with the expansion Zentools is possible to create even complex sites. Using the Template Manager, accessible from the admin panel, you can change not only the basic layout options, but also to create and add new ones. Template and optimized for creating any kind of sites.

  • TX Anonymous - joomla template


    Elegant and stylish business template TX Anonymous filled with bright colors of the design team ThemeXpert. Professional and nice design template invented with all the innovative and modern requirements for the appearance uses 5 styles. With the use of HTML5 technology capabilities and abilities CSS3, which carries out its work framework Expose Framework. Layout loads quickly, has excellent and excellent optimization, fully supported by mobile devices and tablets. The database layout built newest module from the studio Xpert Slider, which allows to display images with different effects.

  • TZ Digital Pixel - joomla template


    TZ Digital Pixel - established in October beautiful pattern in the performance of professional web design studio Templaza. The template is based on a proper framework T3 Framework. This platform after the update adds support for a variety of portable devices with the correct site display on all screens and faster loading. To expand on the site materials management capabilities, developers has been specially designed components TZ Portfolio, having new features. In other matters, this component works on the basis of the good old manager com_content. Visual gallery built into the template and has the effect of drag-and-drop - drag images - which fits in cases where you need to create a portfolio of any works.

  • TZ World Travel II - joomla template


    Template TZ World Travel II , designed for CMS Joomla 2.5x versions of designers studio Templaza, has not only beautifully designed pages, but also pleases Developer its functions. Template creators built it so that the pages of the site that was developed using TZ World Travel II, appear correctly on all devices and in all browsers. User a choice of themes presented 2 pages. Writing source code in HTML5 using CSS3 Cascading Style Sheets make web pages load faster, and search relevant services of high quality. But the template TZ World Travel II is designed to create a site dedicated to travel and tourism, but also can help developers sites galleries, pictures and other subjects.