Photo - Joomla Templates

Photo - Joomla Templates

A selection of excellent joomla templates from the famous studio photo subjects. If you created a photo site with lots of photos, you'll need a template.

  • TZ Nicanian - joomla template


    TZ Nicanian - an unusual pattern, designed for sites portfolio of web design studio Templaza. Design template can be called creative in conjunction with sound and stunning visual effects, perfect when developing sites of photography and the subsequent presentation of works. The template has an adaptive layout that provides the correct display of the site on all devices. Special attention should be built to focus on the image gallery. It provides an effect in increasing the image expressed by touching them. Modern and powerful platform template makes pages load faster and supports all known versions of browsers.

  • TZ Diary - joomla template


    TZ Diary - elegant template for blogging sites based on Joomla 2.5x Professional Web Design Company Templaza. Nothing on a similar structure and beautiful design template that has seven styles, perfect to keep your unique portfolio website or blog. This pattern is made ​​on the basis of a powerful and popular platform T3 Framework Version 2, providing operational loading pages, built-in compression and Javascript and CSS support for all known browsers. Adaptive design allows to properly display the pages on a variety of portable devices, desktops and laptops.

  • ZT Dian - joomla template


    ZT Dian - Template Created by designers ZooTemplate, consisting of samples with an interesting design, which is suitable for working with graphics, ie photos, web design resources for different assembly designs graphics, blogs. A template also supports content management K2, Mega menus and VirtueMart. Also noticeable advantages such as providing a template high speed download and automatic configuration pages are not seen to conflict with other internet browsers. In platform ZO2 Framework contain settings such as setting the template color, color adjustment, setting the background, text setting, the setting options.

  • YJ Photolicious - joomla template


    YJ Photolicious - cool template using adaptive design was developed by the famous team of developers YouJoomla. This template is distributed with a new rotator Shadow Slider, has a number of useful features implemented with a wide range of settings. The template is based on the capabilities of modern technology - rezmetke HTML5 and styles CSS3, which provides templates opportunities and unique functionality. HTML5 Videos function allows you to play back media files anywhere in the site. Layout includes seven color options to easily customize the site design.

  • SJ Plus - joomla template


    Lovely quality template SJ Plus Web developers studio - design SmartAddons. Template SJ Plus has adaptive functions. Modern design SJ Plus is made ​​simple, which can be used to create web - projects of all types. Appearance is adjusted to the smallest detail. You can choose to set the color schemes, background images, to determine the design of a modular layout. SJ Plus is designed on the updated platform YT Framework second version, which used the most modern technology. Template could not be better optimized for search engines. He has high speed. Images are loaded sequentially. Their loading depends on the speed of scrolling the Internet - the project in the browser.