Photo - Joomla Templates

Photo - Joomla Templates

A selection of excellent joomla templates from the famous studio photo subjects. If you created a photo site with lots of photos, you'll need a template.

  • JA Lens - joomla template


    JA Lens - an unusual and yet very stylish template from JoomlArt. Great for creating blogs. Slideshow built into the project, can effectively display the image, and is also great for creating websites photo studio. Supported by K2, and a set of additional styles that makes a perfect for creating the site of the magazine. Template adapts itself to the size of the screen, thanks to the framework. In addition, leaves no one indifferent, and the opportunity for a progressive download of images. It is carried out in the course of the scroll in the browser page.

  • HOT Photo Portfolio - joomla template


    HOT Photo Portfolio - designed specifically for classical portfolio sites. Specialists HotJoomla including the extension HOT Joomla Carousel, HOT Effect Rotator, HOT Photo Gallery and HOT Joomla Gallery, suggesting the possibility of the transmission of high-quality high resolution image. The structure of the layout includes six styles, divergent color panel and additional options. All layout settings allow to impose on the highest level, your page will not have a problem with waiting for the download. A modular design allows editing of any visible components of the exterior design.

  • HOT Flashes - joomla template


    Hot Flashes - one of the most stylish and unusual patterns presented designers HotJoomla. The creators decided to combine the menu layout with slide show pictures. Template fully supports mobile devices of any type. Among the distinctive features can be identified mainly five original order of 12 modular design settings, optimized code files available commenting. The assembly includes the best popular extensions New Flashes menu system, Hot Joomla Carousel and Hot Joomla Gallery. Perfectly suitable for the decoration of the book website.

  • TZ Photography - template joomla


    TZ Photography - easy to use template developers TemPlaza for sites that are running CMS Joomla 1.5x - 2.5x. Design the template is well suited to create a corporate website, and has the ability to publish any product portfolio. Supported by 5 color schemes, has additional studio expansion is also integrated K2 and there is support for libraries MooTools 1.2 and JQuery 1.6.

  • ZT Umbe - joomla template


    ZT Umbe -very creative coach gauge made ​​in bright colors, studio ZooTemplate. In the template includes many of the most interesting and unique properties that give a huge design of luxury and art. Thanks to him, travel companies and agencies will be able to very effectively present information provided by his firm. Compatible with extensions K2, built brand extensions JV Headlines and JV Slideshow, has tools available settings for color and background pattern and scale, and is supported by a very popular social networks Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.