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Portals - Joomla Templates

Multifunction joomla templates for portal sites. These templates are ideal for big news, sports portals, as well as any other subject portals.

  • JM Hot News - template joomla


    Known development team has created a great JoomlaMonster template JM Hot News , which will not replace when you create a news site. It includes the extension of DJ-Tabs, through which articles of the desired category is displayed in the form of an accordion or convenient tabs. Component DJ-Megamenu will set the number of columns in each menu item or, for example, add any module into the column menu. If you need on your Internet site to create a gallery, but this will help the expansion of DJ-MediaTools. Thanks to him, you can create as simple slider photos and rotator major news.

  • JP Magazine v2 - joomla template


    JP Magazine v2 - a new template from a team of professionals in web design studio JoomlaPlates, ideally suited for online magazines, personal blogs, as well as news and information resources. Template Designer includes content K2, which can optimize the site under the overall style of JP Magazine. In addition to that, the template provides adaptive to various devices slideshow module. In addition, the possibility of template JP Magazine v2 includes documents compression for faster loading, 4 preset color schemes, 8 different fonts, as well as control function all available elements from the admin panel.

  • JSN Megazine - joomla template


    Magnificent template JSN Megazine from the company JoomlaShine versions Joomla 3. It is modern, stylish, bright, made ​​in flat design. The uniqueness of this pattern is that it is very functional, but to change its settings can even new to the web. He is ideal for the creation of news sites and magazines. In the functions of the template has more than 7 modules and extensions, among them such as DJ-Classifieds, DJ-Suggester, DJ-MegaMenu, components K2 and Kunena, DJ-LikeBox and others. JSN Megazine well combined with all modern browsers.

  • IT HeadLine 3 - joomla template


    Convenient template for creating blogs, websites and magazines news portals - IT HeadLine 3 , created by a team studio IceThemes, compatible with versions of Joomla 2.5x and 3.x. If you want to create a site where you want to place a lot of information, then this template you ideal. Benefits of IT HeadLine 3 is that it has a modern, stylish design 6 color design, convenient layout, created on the platform framework Bootstrap, simple and logical to operate. The main objective of this pattern - display news as well as news - it's the kind of information that is constantly changing, the IT HeadLine 3 is a very fast, has enough content for posting news, reviews, and news columns.

  • GK News 2 - template joomla


    GK News 2 - is the second in a row to earn popular version of a template for news sites from the designers studio GavickPro. This layout was designed with little or no use of graphic elements, in order to increase its speed and load some pages. When configuring the layout, you can choose any one of 6 color styles. Visibility in the mapping of the site materials is provided by the integration of the modified template brand extensions. For ease of site content manager has been used to manage materials K2. This template also present adaptive features to ensure its correct display on what you want today's mobile devices.