Portals - Joomla Templates

Portals - Joomla Templates

Multifunction joomla templates for portal sites. These templates are ideal for big news, sports portals, as well as any other subject portals.

  • News - joomla template


    For news portal or online magazine can be a good choice template News , created by professional designers studio JoomlaUX. It will work on CMS Joomla version 3.3. It includes a set of tools that will help in the creation of a resource containing a large amount of content. Its design is simple and it is not much stands out from the rest of the studio work, but, nevertheless, it is a modern and reliable pattern. In addition, it is functional enough, as the creators have built in a number of very useful components. Due to the adaptive layout, users are actively using the Internet to surf the mobile devices, will not remain with nothing to do and will always be able to find out the latest news portal.

  • The Daily News PT - joomla template


    The Daily News is a responsive Joomla! template built on the slick warp framework. The responsive design makes it suitable for all screen resolutions. This template requires no framework plugin to be installed in order for it to work. The stylish and easy to use admin panel together with a wide range of customizable features enables the creation of an elegant looking site. This template comes with over 10 custom fonts for the header(all fonts are included in the template thus suitable for both intranet and online projects), body and menu, 9 custom colours, 10 background patterns, template width settings, menu column width setting, module arrangement and layout settings via the admin panel and so much more.

  • SJ Financial II - joomla template


    SJ Financial II - the second version of the adaptive pattern of well-known web-design studio SmartAddons. Is an excellent solution for resource specializing in news world economy. In SJ Financial II provides integration of popular content designer K2, which greatly simplifies the management of the site contents. In a template - a powerful reliable platform YT Framework and Twitter Bootstrap 3, which allows the use of a web page a wide range of functions and easy adaptation to any device with any screen size and resolution. Template includes 4 original scheme colors: blue, purple, red and green hues, as well as the components of multi-level menu Mega Menu.

  • SJ Perty - joomla template


    SJ Perty - a new template from the developers of the studio SmartAddons, having a pretty design. With it, it will be easy to create a portal with multiple functions and a set of useful tools, which will surely provide maximum convenience in viewing the information to be contained in it. Thanks to the proper use of the most modern web technologies in creating a template, it is fully adaptable to all mobile and tablet devices. SJ Perty developed using a platform YT Framework, which allows to adjust all of their elements. The template contains five different preset color styles suitable for websites practically all subjects.

  • JS NewsPlus - joomla template


    Simple but quality template JS NewsPlus , created by studio JoomShaper, suitable for creating a news portal. With its creation, special attention was paid to the adaptation to different devices. It's creators turned and now the template works great on any device with any "OSes". In a template is Helix v2 Framework. Due to this factor, you can effortlessly adjust the color scheme of your choice. The template has a built-in for K2 and other plug-ins that will make your work easy and simple content. It is also worth noting the possibility of using online short codes, with which you can quickly create galleries, a new tab and much more.