Portfolio - Joomla Templates

Portfolio - Joomla Templates

If you are going to create a beautiful portfolio site of your activities the data joomla templates for you. Professional templates that have functional photo gallery ideal for your portfolio.

  • YT Showroom - joomla template


    YT Showroom - modern template for sites on joomla 3.x from the famous studio YooTheme. The original and excellent design template is distributed with a set of necessary functions, including additional fixed side panel, which has the possibility of opening a vertical navigation, the calculation of the position of pages, the selection of images for the background and much more. The ability to align the center of the page, or the left edge makes it possible to display any data in an accessible and flexible way. Side navigation bar has pull-down menu allows you to place an infinite number of modules, providing a comfortable navigation through your site.

  • TF Bloora - joomla template


    Interesting pattern TF Bloora for portfolio online - project. Engine designed for Joomla known and popular venue ThemeForest. Interesting design TF Bloora includes light and dark theme for the design. Topics are easily configured and modified. To do this, a separate built-in tool. Template designed TF Bloora platform Gantry Framework. This platform provides quick template. In the assembly TF Bloora developers included a gorgeous slider images. With it, you can display content from a variety of effects. The design template has more than sixty positions for the most comfortable fit all elements.

  • JA Mero - joomla template

    merejoomla_25joomla 30

    Interesting, but patterns in the style of the operating system is also available by JoomlArt. So they released the template JA Mero , which is its design resembles Windows 8, and catfish he works for Joomla 3.x It works in any browser, on any device, with both mobile and standard version, besides the download site is fast and all this is due to an updated version of JAT3V3 Framework. It has four styles, as well as design, allowing smooth integration of all elements in the sections of the site. Features of this template are increased due to the establishment of component K2. Template for creating websites - portfolio or sites cards services or goods.

  • JB Grid3 - joomla template


    Popular design studio JoomlaBamboo is an original stylish template JB Grid3 for Joomla 3.x Functional platform T3 v3 Framework, which is designed template supports fast boot, excellent file optimization and adaptive function. The template has 23 different color schemes that can be easily configured using the built-in template manager control. Use the template settings so you can change the width of module positions and layout, font type, font color, and so on. D. Zentools-th image can be correct site for screens of different mobile devices.

  • HOT Responsive Portfolio - joomla template

    responsive portfoliojoomla_25joomla_30

    HOT Responsive Portfolio - stylish template with an adapted design developed by a team of design studio HotJoomla. One of the main advantages of this pattern can be considered adaptation of site content, depending on the expansion of the stationary screen monitors and mobile devices. Developers used the jQuery Masonry plugin capabilities to dynamically change elements. The assembly is made ​​in two versions (conventional and mobile). The ability to easily configure any of the five preset styles. To display the most important information on the website use the plugin Hot Full Carousel (slider), it is placed at the top of the template.