Tourism - Joomla Templates

Tourism - Joomla Templates

Subject selection of quality tourism templates joomla themes. Bright and warm joomla templates are ideal for websites of travel agencies.

  • JM Balloon - joomla template


    Developers Joomla Monster Templates and develop the topic of tourism. So, there was a pattern called - JM Balloon . The original layout with excellent design. To set all the parameters is sufficient to use the template manager, he will do quickly and without complex manipulations. Layout is represented in one color with four modular fashion. He has the opportunity to comment on the code files, file optimization, as well as a flexible modular system. It has the following advantages, such as support for mobile and full version of the site, as well as the ability to view the site through the plate.

  • SJ Travel 2 - template joomla


    SJ Travel II - the original layout for the site on the topic of tourism, developed by SmartAddons specifically for websites running on Joomla 2.5x. The unique design of the layout is done in bright colors, supported by four species of the menu. On top of that template is displayed correctly on all mobile devices and tablets. Because of the extended features and elegant design this layout can be perfectly used for creating websites. The developers have added a variety of brand extension template. These include, component K2 advanced functions are available online booking rooms as well as a well-known forum on the basis of Kunena.

  • JP Travel - joomla template


    JP Travel - it's an interesting pattern from the studio Joomlaplates for Joomla 2.5x on the theme of leisure and tourism. Features of this wonderful template are complete versatility, powerful functionality, ease of setup, great design. JP Travel has a good optimization and proper display in all modern browsers. Present in the assembly of the modules in addition to the studio and Article Slider Slideshow.

  • HOT Snowflake - joomla template


    HOT Snowflake - layout for the creation of tourism and travel. Belongs to the type of custom templates. This work was presented talented designers HOT Joomla. Contains over a dozen positions for modules, multiple layout options, exterior design design, fully compatible with versions of Joomla 1.5x and 2.5x. The set includes the popular club extension: HOT Joomla Carousel, HOT Newsflash and HOT Joomla Gallery. Through the admin control panel HOT Snowflake can easily customize any markup modules, as well as have the ability to change the width of the template parameters.

  • HOT Sailing - joomla template


    HOT Sailing - a unique new pattern that experts carried out in the pleasant style. Making devoted to marine or leisure travel. New product is available in three color schemes, each of which allows you to customize the color and design of the module includes 24 customizable positions. You can easily and comfortably accommodate a maximum any information to your site visitors. The structure includes an extension called Hot Lightbox and Hot Joomla Gallery, provides a flexible display pictures on the pages of your site. The structure also includes optimized technology SEO code file, which has a positive effect on the progress of the project in different search engines.