Tourism - Joomla Templates

Tourism - Joomla Templates

Subject selection of quality tourism templates joomla themes. Bright and warm joomla templates are ideal for websites of travel agencies.

  • S5 Callie Rush - joomla template


    S5 Callie Rush - pattern made ​​in bright colors, works on Vertex Framework, in the control panel, you can specify a rubber or fixed width template. Supports CSS3, and S5 Flex Menu, has five modular suffixes. Gorgeous compatible with mobile phones. Tested on Joomla 1.5x - 2.5x - 3.x, full compatibility. It is worth noting that the studio Shape5 has long established itself in terms of patterns.

  • JXTC Adventure - joomla template


    JXTC Adventure Club - a spectacular tourist unusual pattern with elegant and beautiful design from the developers JoomlaXTC. Sufficiently functional and practical, perfect for resources with the theme of online stores, blogs, travel. Comes together with JXTC Framework, whereby it is possible to work on an extensive template styles, this modular layout position, font, change the column width in the template. Use CSS3, there is user-friendly design, 4 preset style. Has the following extensions: plug-Modal Box Plugin, component Appointment Book Component, Module Deluxe NewsPro Module, V-Tube Pro Component, Module Image Wall Module.

  • JA Travel - joomla template


    Another stylish and elegant template JA Travel by professional team Joomlart a tourist theme. It consists of 6 styles and support the well-known designer K2, this component allows flexible management information site. According to the requirements may change the appearance using the template manager. Multifunctional studio component gives excellent layout optimization, absolute compatibility with different mobile devices and support all web browsers. Studio extensions included in the template, give new potential website.

  • ZT Morbi - joomla template

    ZT Morbijoomla_15joomla_25

    ZT Morbi - one of the many successful patterns that pleased studio ZooTemplate. Ideal if you want a site on leisure trips. No presets firms or networks with reservations in hotels can use this template. All functionality of specially selected for this purpose. Flexibility of the system tools for tuning allows to issue a travel site for every taste. Additional features can be identified that there are two columns in the layout. Just layout provides 18 module positions. In Quickstart included three brand extensions: ZT News, ZT Headline, ZT Latest News.

  • ZT Mojow - joomla template

    JV Mojowjoomla_15joomla_25

    ZT Mojow - new original pattern of all known studio JoomlaVision. It is designed for Joomla 1.5x. It is a wonderful choice if you are creating a travel site. Information containing advertising, automatically replaced in the main unit, and be able to attract the attention of every potential client. In ZT Mojow which includes modern tools branded as: JV Tabs, JV Accordion Menu, JV Headline and others. Among the main features of this template, you can select the font size change, the relationship with the online store Joomla Virtuemart, which is included in the template as a built-in component. Three color variations design allows the use of a template for other topics: news sites, business sites and other.