Universal - Joomla Templates

Universal - Joomla Templates

Variety of quality generics for joomla. These templates from manufacturers for suitable sites on various subjects and focus.

  • YJ Baseline - joomla template


    Popular company on the creation of templates developed YouJoomla free template for joomla with varying design - YJ Baseline . With YJ Baseline You can create a large number of unique sites and portals. In a template is a universal framework YJSG framework. YJ Baseline has 3 style design blends well with the color palette. A high-quality typography and module styles will not leave anyone indifferent. Also present in the template selection of different design options for the YJ Module Engine. YJ Baseline supports all types of fonts. The template has a built-in menu YJ Mega Menu, which allows you to manage navigation. A well thought-out control panel to easily customize and organize all the options and features of the product.

  • TX Optimus - joomla template


    Meet the new template for Joomla October TX Optimus from professional developers templates ThemeXpert. Designed well and has eight different color options. Based on the company's framework, Expose Framework, it is possible to fully configure all the elements of the template. At the top there is a great slider with excellent effects, which will display the most important information on the first screen. TX Optimus - a pattern that is designed to develop websites of any complexity and thematic focus.

  • TX Freemium - joomla template


    TX Freemium - bonus free template for Joomla, released in September 2011 by advanced developers ThemeXpert. It uses all the functionality of the framework Expose including cross-browser compatibility, support for mobile devices, brilliant printing press, etc. TX Freemium uses CSS3 animations for the impact on the menu, text color, link color, etc., which allows to adjust the style for yourself. The main attraction TX Freemium is that it is quite charming design a universal character, which makes it suitable for any type of website. TX Freemium - the basis of the unique quality internet site.

  • JS Xeon - joomla template


    Free template Shaper Xeon JoomShaper from the studio with quick start-up on Joomla 3.2 framework on Helix framework with a wide range of different functional modules. Built-in Shortcode plugin allows you to place units on the site with the help of short commands (short codes). With the help of a set of modules to create a modern single-site for any type of business, corporate resource or a personal blog. This will help a lot of chips available interactive characteristic for all modern websites. Three sets of presets with dynamic modules are the main distinctive features of the template.

  • JB Blanko - joomla template


    JB Blanko - the first of the new assembly shablonav, which were presented the development team JoomlaBamboo. The basis of the template laid multi-function units Zen Building, which has full support for the adapted design. In order to provide users with the ability to shape the design to your liking, developers use a bit of code and graphics. The basis of the template laid the platform Grid Framework v2, which is guaranteed thanks to a very high download speed and giving you full control over all components, up to the size and color of the site.