Universal - Joomla Templates

Universal - Joomla Templates

Variety of quality generics for joomla. These templates from manufacturers for suitable sites on various subjects and focus.

  • IT Black White - joomla template


    IT Black White - is a versatile layout that was designed by studio IceTheme. Its main advantage - it is a simple design and fast loading page. Also, the pattern has a universal theme and is suitable for almost all web projects for Joomla. During the development of the site is at your disposal will be a special extension of the studio developer, namely the slider IceSlideShow, IceCarousel, menu IceAccordion, as well as administrative panel IcePanel. Also has built-in template icons of social networks Twitter and Facebook, and the reference to "the top". And the pattern is a function of Google Analitics, only need to paste the code into the control panel.

  • HOT Bokeh - joomla template


    HOT Bokeh - a simple and fast website template business card submitted by the developers of this popular team like HotJoomla for these types of sites that work on CMS Joomla versions 3.1x and 2.5x. Template design includes a 10 preset options, but it is also possible due to the use of such corporate Sparky Framework application framework to create your own favorite looks. In the template, the main feature is that it can support widescreen monitors, as well as the layout display, thanks to the adaptive design on any screen more correctly. To the content on the site demonstrated more clearly, were included in the installation package...

  • TX Zenith - joomla template

    zenithjoomla_25joomla 30

    TX Zenith - nice pattern formed on a powerful framework Expose ThemeXpert from the studio and working for free. The uniqueness of the template is its flexibility. This feature it has received from the framework, which is based on TX Zenith template. The framework has all new major functions required for the formation of a good site to Joomla 2.5 or Joomla 3.0. Template options offer convenient control panel that allows you to quickly modify the template style completely external recognition. It is possible to manage multiple modules, changing the color palette every detail of design and fonts. The template supports mobile device management and activation RTL mode.

  • TX Infinity - joomla template


    TX Infinity - light pattern in bright colors, which developed by a team of ThemeXpert. The design of this template is designed in a minimalist style, it perfectly allows you to quickly finalize the look of the site. The template includes 4 color schemes, and more than 70 different module positions, developed a very intuitive control panel that template and many other novelties. For the convenience of the site, set the function menu Xpert Mega Menu, which has a good setup. TX Infinity well optimized by function, is fast loading and works with all mobile devices. This template is well suited for creating different and unique business card sites.

  • YT Pace - joomla template


    YT Pace - an unusual pattern for sites to Joomla 3.x created a popular Web Design Studio YooTheme. Layout design, including eight design options, meets current requirements and is ideal to create sites with functional structure on any subject. All the themes of the site include the unusual appearance of the vertical menu and unique color schemes presented in the template. The assembly is composed of a modern theme for the widget slideshows included in the tools Widgetkit. Proprietary platform Warp6 supports all features of modern Internet technologies that support mobile platforms and providing optimization template.