Universal - Joomla Templates

Universal - Joomla Templates

Variety of quality generics for joomla. These templates from manufacturers for suitable sites on various subjects and focus.

  • JS Solution - joomla template


    Another bright and beautiful layout created by studio JoomShaper, called JS Solution . Regardless of the neutral template name, glancing at his screenshots can confidently say that it belongs to the category of universal, which certainly is a huge advantage. First of all, by the fact that all the developers give preference to sites such patterns. The layout, designed by the studio, combining pre-holiday mood winter and summer heat. In the design template includes a variety of colors, mostly neutral and not very bright, which makes the template suitable for news sites, as reading articles becomes comfortable and not tiring.

  • JXTC Enterprise - joomla template


    JXTC Enterprise - one of professional templates business themes made ​​for Joomla 3.x from the design studio JoomlaXTC. Developers managed to combine great design with the latest technologies that enable you to quickly upload page, use the site from mobile browsers. Also established good working code optimization. Included with the template are a few popular extensions such as, Easy Image Gallery, Deluxe News Pro, comment system Komento, and the recently popularized module for electronic mailings AcyMailing. In JXTC Enterprise installed adaptive platform XTC Framework, which provides access to the settings of all parts of the layout.

  • BT Families - joomla template


    BT Families - beautiful and stylish joomla template for the team of professionals BonusThemes. Template is ideal for family online journal or blog, as well as to create a website of any complexity and subject matter. With modern design and a huge set of features, this template will satisfy even the most advanced webmasters. Ability to select the appearance of the six established color schemes, as well as easy customization template parameters will make it more convenient to use. Support for the popular K2 extension will allow you to easily manage content for your website. Template BT Families perfectly optimized and properly displayed in all browsers.

  • YT Subway - joomla template


    YT Subway - custom layout studio YooTheme. Elegant and professional design layout is easily changed to your taste, using the preset manager settings. It allows you to make a choice from a variety of colors and levels of transparency layout. The template includes the most well-known design studios, including the original fonts, beautiful icons, animations based on CSS and animated backgrounds. In addition, the layout was supplemented by a few user-defined functions: two styles of WidgetKit intended for galleries and presentations. They are structurally easily fit into the design layout.

  • JP Modern - joomla template


    JP Modern is a universal platform from design studio Joomlaplates for creating websites with any content. This template is made ​​in the form of three columns with the ability to display correctly on your mobile device. Integrated into the template following extensions: Mu Slimbox, MooMenu, MooSlider, provides excellent functionality. JP Modern has a modular flexible structure and a high download speed.