Universal - Joomla Templates

Universal - Joomla Templates

Variety of quality generics for joomla. These templates from manufacturers for suitable sites on various subjects and focus.

  • HOT Responsive - joomla template


    HOT Responsive - new stylish, attractive pattern of professional team HotJoomla for Joomla version 2.5x. The template takes into account the size of any screen and can easily correct it shows. The structure of this template includes components K2 and jQuery Masonry plug-in, which serve as placement flexibility and correctness of all the materials of the site. Developers provided a function template dynamic display material. The template is the ideal solution for designers of sites, involving work with various photo and video attachments. And, importantly, HOT Responsive ideal for site developers who plan to place movies online.

  • HOT Mobility - joomla template


    HOT Mobility - template joomla, suitable for any subject. The creators HotJoomla included everything: color schemes background selection of more than fifteen options Extend Studio HOT Joomla Carousel, HOT Joomla Gallery and HotJoomla, possibility to set the width of the layout and columns through the admin panel, 18 module positions. All this will be a good choice and will provide brightness and quality of your site.

  • HOT DesignNow - joomla template


    Stylish and exquisite pattern HOT DesignNow from studio HotJoomla, designed with a universal structure and layout, which allows easy layout change and become of variability for each site. The template is optimized, quickly loaded and works perfectly in all browsers. Modules can be positioned as the owner wants. The template can be absolutely any subject and complexity.

  • Hot Chameleon - joomla template


    HOT Chameleon - beautiful, bright, stylish template from the studio HotJoomla. Comprises a plurality of flexible features and options. You can easily change the color, layout and theme of your site. The template supports all mobile devices, including the iOS and Android. Works great with browsers supporting HTML5 and CSS3. You will be able to plan the design of your site with virtually no restrictions.

  • TM Ovingon - joomla template


    TM Ovingon - another template from the studio TemplateMonster. It optimally suited for creating a website business subjects. Dynamic website will give a bright and attractive design. Visitors to the site will pay attention to the quality slider, which will provide an opportunity to demonstrate in a favorable light goods and services. In hat template preinstalled multilevel menu. Working area site is distributed into several zones perform different functions. Cellar's part, as in most cases, nothing is the same, then you can easily locate interesting extensions or components.