Videos - Joomla Templates

Videos - Joomla Templates

A selection of high-quality video joomla templates themes. Professional templates from the famous studios well suited for video portals and websites about the movie.

  • ZT Kota - joomla template

    JV Kotajoomla_15joomla_25

    ZT Kota - elegant template from the studio ZooTemplate, it feels the hand of professionals. There are a huge number of layout options and options modules, design consists of bright and dark parts, there is the opportunity to work with fashion and modern extensions and JomSocial JComment, with their help, the site will be unique and stylish. There is SEO optimized code template needed for your website promotion in search engines. Of course, the template already includes all the favorite webmasters features: ZT Headline, ZT Accordion Menu, ZT Twitter, ZT Contact Pro and ZT Tabs, which will improve the functionality of the site.

  • JXTC E-Scene - joomla template

    JXTC E-Scenejoomla_15joomla_25joomla_30

    JXTC E-Scene - is a beautiful template for Joomla from the popular Studio JoomlaXTC. Designed template to create resources that need to remember striking design and multimedia opportunities. Has JXTC E-Scene modular folding design, which consists of 20 different suffixes and 24 module positions, in addition to this the presence of a flexible plan design allows you to change various design elements. The template is now fully aligned with modern browsers and Joomla 2.5x. fits this template to create a thematic Internet directory.

  • S5 Comaxium - joomla template

    S5 Comaxiumjoomla_15joomla_25joomla_30

    S5 Comaxium - versatile and quite beautiful pattern from the famous web design studio «Shape5». Due to its colors and 6 built-in color schemes, each person will be able to customize the template to your taste. Moreover, in addition to the template are attached extensions that can significantly extend the functionality of the site. The template has 35 module positions, and font support Google. Template tested on Joomla 1.5x - 2.5x - 3.x, full compatibility with versions, no complaints.

  • JA Anion - joomla template

    JA Anionjoomla_25joomla_30

    JA Anion - unmatched multimedia portal template pattern for web sites running system CMS Joomla, designed by renowned design team JoomlArt. The main key feature of the pattern is represented by the use of the most advanced web - site building technology quality. High-quality layout template allowed to achieve a huge number of positions of modules that allows you to arrange all the details visible in the pages of the web site. Operation proprietary platform creators, gives excellent layout optimization, the correct reflection on the various screens of mobile devices and high-speed downloading Internet pages.

  • YJ YouShows - joomla template

    YJ YouShowsjoomla_25joomla_30

    YJ YouShows - an excellent template for creating high-quality, presentable video site themes, from the studio YouJoomla. Equipped with a unique slide rotator videos YJ Movie studio 2.0, as it also serves as a good video player to show movies online. Who works for YjSimpleGrid framework. This template uses SEO optimization for all internet browsers, and has about 51 positions for modules, 36 combined styles CSS, and a drop-down menu, stylish, in stock and split menu, excellent compression on the server, additional styles typography, freely adjustable in width.