Videos - Joomla Templates

Videos - Joomla Templates

A selection of high-quality video joomla templates themes. Professional templates from the famous studios well suited for video portals and websites about the movie.

  • RT Quantive - joomla template

    RT Quantivejoomla_25joomla_30

    You are conservative in their stylistic prejudices? You are inherent seriousness and business-like approach? Then the updated version of the famous Joomla Template RT Quantive from RocketTheme not leave you indifferent. Using a cold, low-key design approach was able to create a layout for websites of business level. Ten integrated styles, light and dark scales, coupled with the new interface Gantry Framework, will provide unprecedented functionality and beauty of your portal. Fast speed, high code optimization, more than sixty of modular structures, all of this only in the new RT Quantive with full support for CMS Joomla 2.5x - 3.x.

  • GK Memovie - joomla template

    GK Memoviejoomla_15joomla_25

    GK Memovie - a great template to perform a multimedia portal for CMS Joomla, from the developers of the design studio GavickPro. In a new and original design layout was made ​​several color schemes, perfectly suitable for sites that are devoted to the world of cinema. With the availability of the platform Gavern template loads pages quickly and correctly works on all mobile platforms. The proposed additional extensions in the installation package will create a user-friendly catalog of films with the ability to view the trailers and teasers online. The development of flexible, modular design allows for optimal layout for easy navigation through the site.

  • RT Moxy - joomla template

    RT Moxyjoomla_25joomla_30

    RT Moxy - an elegant and stylish template to create a video portal from a team of professionals RocketTheme. This layout uses the perfect balance between sophisticated and simple design, with great connection and great heading styles, as well as a complement to the conservative style in mainbody areas. Has 10 different color schemes, mega menu, full and unconditional support K2 Designer and much more. At the base of the assembly modules are the best studios such as: RokBox, RokCandy, RokStories, RokAjaxSearch, RokNavMenu, RokTabs and a new module for osCommerce RokQuickCart.

  • YJ Youmovies - joomla template

    YJ Youmoviesjoomla_25joomla_30

    YJ YouMovies - known template to create portals with video footage from the studio YouJoomla. This template has a great range of colors: approximately 7 color styles and 2 background. Diverse platform that is used for this template gives it offers design, which allows the site on any screen. This design can be in better shape to place any items on the site. Integrated Content Manager K2, allows excellent publish and post content on the sites. The assembly template includes the best extensions that increase the chances of a template. YJ YouMovies works with any browser.

  • JA Tube - joomla template

    JA Tubejoomla_15

    JA Tube - a template that was designed by the studio JoomlArt in April 2009. Its main purpose - it can accommodate a variety of media content on the site. The developers of this pattern into account the fact that many are already long enough are powered by Joomla, and so it was decided to create a copy of the draft Magento. The possibilities of this e-shop have been ported to Joomla, and the template was named JA Tube. Of course on the new platform have been some changes that affect the distribution of modules and extensions. But this was done only for the fact that to accommodate the template JA Tube to the new platform. At the same time its functional characteristics have not deteriorated.