Wedding - Joomla Templates

Wedding - Joomla Templates

Bit stylish and beautiful wedding themes joomla templates. Well suited for sites wedding agencies. You can also use sites festive theme.

  • Yt Wedding - joomla template


    Yt Wedding - a special kind of template. Developers SmartAddons design studio in collaboration with online store Virtuemart released this template to help various organizations around the world to create sites for the sale of wedding merchandise, goods, dresses and everything related to the rites of marriage. Club expansion Vm Slideshow Virtuemart and contributed to quality and fashionable display components pages. The template has the correct display in all popular browsers, and mobile and tablet devices.

  • JM Wedding06 - joomla template

    JM-Wedding06joomla 25joomla_30

    JM Wedding06 - another "wedding" template, Developed by Joomla-Monster. It contains four standard color schemes and styles of six pages. All pages are designed in bright colors. Distinctive quality of the template is guaranteed support with absolutely all mobile devices and mobile communication. Like all such patterns, JM Wedding06 striking in its appearance and the depiction of details. Many sites marriage agencies and merchandising marriage ceremonies using this template.

  • JM Wedding05 - joomla template

    JM-Wedding05joomla 25

    JM Wedding05 - template designed studio designers Joomla-Monster specifically for CMS Joomla! Version 2.5x. The template contains only one color scheme and six styles for modules pages, but despite this, many sites use it precisely. Template for creating websites for sale, promotion and wedding accessories sites marriage agencies. In conjunction with the template developer site receives image rotator DJ ImageSlider, provides a simple and easy work with photos pages. Template works properly in all known browsers and on all mobile devices.

  • VT Wedding - joomla template


    VT Wedding - Template Joomla, created to simplify the creation of websites dedicated to holiday themes. The developer of a template by the group of designers studio Vtem. Design template made ​​primarily in the bright colors, but, in addition to the basic setup, developers designers presented four color settings. The structure also includes a template component K2, 35 module positions of pages and optimized code to open the pages load even when the Internet user channel. With this template mainly created sites that promote or provide services for design and maintenance of various festive events.

  • HOT Wedding - joomla template


    Template Hot Wedding was designed by studio HotJoomla. Its main task - to facilitate the creation of sites devoted to various holidays. Developers presented a choice of three different styles of pages, and they can also choose the color design of these styles. The template is equipped with component K2, provides an easy and convenient content management. Animation menu is made ​​based on jQuery and is represented by ten different versions. In the assembly of the package included such expansion club: HOT Lightbox Images Gallery, as well as HOT Slideshow Module. The pattern can be displayed correctly in all known browsers.