Work and Study - Joomla Templates

Work and Study - Joomla Templates

A selection of high-quality templates for joomla educational subjects. Also suitable for work sites subject. Ideal for schools sites or site manufacturing company.

  • JP Lawyer - joomla template


    JP Lawyer is a fully Responsive theme that's written with smooth and modern HTML5 and CSS3, it looks and works great on mobile devices, tablets and computers. Template features are large responsive module slider, that will really make your announcements stand out. The Theme is highly customizable from Joomla backend Template parameters. It's great for your own profile, personal or business page.

  • BT Education - joomla template


    BT Education - is the newest, easiest and simplest type of training pattern. Template combines the stylish interface, social networking and educational themes. BT Education developed by engineers from the studio BOWThemes and remains one of the most successful projects to date. The template is designed with the most famous elements, namely EasyBlog, JomSocial, K2 and Kunena, which makes it possible for the organization of social networks, blogs and forums for just a couple of clicks, and for all that all of these components can be created on one site. It is worth noting that the studio engineer is also thought through adaptive design template to work properly on any device.

  • BT Education 2 - joomla template


    Company BonusThemes create another original and themed templates - BT Education 2 . Let the product and is for educational work, it is still possible to apply for a news portal, blog, portfolio, etc. Template uses CSS3 and HTML5 styles, it has its own error pages (404) and service, full support for component K2, which carries more rational distribution of content on the site, compared with the use of ordinary joomla element com_content. Framework includes 25 high-quality modular products, also has a function to turn on the front page of O content.

  • JSN Solid - joomla template


    JSN Solid - a new qualitative template for Joomla 2.5x - 3.x on educational topics from the development team JoomlaShine. Design template made ​​in bright colors and can be changed in the settings of the template, as well as through the source files. Has additional styles for K2 and Kunena components that fit into the template design. The template has a powerful navigation, a plurality of modular products and a huge list of options through the use of studio framework JSN Template Framework. JSN Solid - no doubt an excellent choice for the development of the site of the institution or another site theme.

  • Yt University - joomla template


    Yt University - a universal template that is suitable for almost any type of website. Studio developers SmartAddons laid the foundation template Yt Framework, which allows to speed up the loading of pages on the site and make it accessible from mobile devices, and any browser. The user can choose one of the three primary colors for the layout of the future site. Also template enabled the most popular club extensions such as Content Slideshows 2 plug-in for image processing and many others.