Work and Study - Joomla Templates

Work and Study - Joomla Templates

A selection of high-quality templates for joomla educational subjects. Also suitable for work sites subject. Ideal for schools sites or site manufacturing company.

  • TX Focus - joomla template


    TX Focus - another quality Joomla template educational subjects from a professional team ThemeXpert. Design template carefully designed to the smallest detail, and the layout has a full modular multi-tasking. Developers used proprietary platform Expose Framework, which provides a high level of functionality and performance. The template is also compatible with k2 for blogs, Joomsocial for social networks and Kunena support forum. This excellent template TX Focus would be the basis for the websites of universities, colleges, training centers, etc.

  • JS University - joomla template


    JS University - submitted by developers JoomShaper versatile and unique template that is designed for those sites that are designed for educational subjects. Layout has a light design and concludes in appearance 6 options that can be easily adjusted by the internal built-in manager. It is used in the template when scrolling in the browser site such a special effect, which gives it an original and distinctive appearance. In addition, the template was added to a number of features that make it possible to display a special graphic form different calendar events, schedules all classes and galleries.

  • HOT Academy - joomla template


    HOT Academy - a functional, an educational theme template that developers have submitted such a popular team like HotJoomla. This layout, the development of which was made ​​in bright colors and a lightweight design, a 4 color schemes concluded that it is possible to edit using a specially built for this manager. The development of this template was carried out on the framework Sparky, where used for the work the most advanced web standards. In addition to the template, thanks to the internal manager is very flexible, you can configure any, in a single element of it. There is the ability to customize color styles, fonts, layout module positions, the width of the template header size, and more.

  • TX Matheno - joomla template


    TX Matheno - this is a great and excellent template for educational theme developers ThemeXpert, for sites on the platform of CMS Joomla 2.5x. Stylish and attractive design template includes 4 color schemes connected display styles to help you choose the best and the best appearance. The main, mainly to set up templates built a special control panel settings, which gives full access to its parameters. This layout includes the module positions - 70, which provide a comfortable arrangement of all elements of information on the web pages. The structure of the layout includes multi rotator Xslider Slidshow, which allows a clear and enjoyable form show the most important and necessary information to users to the website.

  • TX Finnix - joomla template


    TX Finnix - Template Joomla, designed to create websites for educational institutions, and developed by a team ThemeXpert. The original design style template is made ​​in bright colors, is available in color 4 style, you can pick up a good appearance. Corporate Framwork Expose has good code files for the search engines, loads quickly and supports mobile devices, easy commenting. In the template in place for more than 50 module positions and a large number of modular combinations. Excellent built-in template manager, will provide access to any of its parameters.