Work and Study - Joomla Templates

Work and Study - Joomla Templates

A selection of high-quality templates for joomla educational subjects. Also suitable for work sites subject. Ideal for schools sites or site manufacturing company.

  • VT Security - joomla template


    VT Security - is a spectacular professional template that has a strict and stylish design. Perfect for creating web resources service providers of different types of services and security. Fully compatible with the platform Joomla 1.5x and 1.7x. Integrated template component K2.

  • VT Create - joomla template


    VT Create - a unique pattern on architecture from the development team VTEM. Executed this pattern in bright colors, has 36 module positions, providing occupancy on the site of all visible elements and the four built-in styles color (red, orange, green and blue). Corporate built image rotator allows you to display to the user the most popular materials that require special attention. VT Create - is the best solution for creating resources, business cards companies. It is worth noting among the advantages of template support for all tablet devices and browsers, fast loading pages.

  • OT Arcon - joomla template


    OT Arcon - simple business template, designed in bright colors from the company OmegaTheme. Design layout is optimized for sites on the topic of construction. Thanks to the template settings, you can change its width, the size of the speakers, as well as set the font size and color according to their wishes. The structure of the layout included a dozen modular positions, multifunction menu and pleasant extension Slider.

  • JS Pheonix - joomla template


    Template for Joomla 2.5x called JS Pheonix is intended to create a resource of educational institutions. Has a light and lightweight design, perfectly matched graphics and fonts that give solid appearance design. The template is great for personal blogs, information portals and corporate sites firms. Built template based on Helix Framework, has extended functionality and fast loading. There is support for language RTL, uses modern web technologies, these include: integrated library jQuery and CSS3.

  • JS Eduka - joomla template


    JS Eduka - this is the original template developers JoomShaper on educational topics, has a unique and attractive design. In this template there are four color schemes built, built-in Simple image gallery for rotating materials, 25 module positions, support for component K2. Thanks to the powerful mega menu, you can easily organize sections and categories of resources, there is also more to leave the panel. Due to the footer and slider information can be placed in two levels, thus bringing to visitors even more useful information.